Sunra EV Introduces The Miku Super Electric Motorcycle In Europe

Sunra EV Miku Super

Sharp styling and impressive performance make the Sunra Miku Super an exciting electric commuter.

The uniquely styled Miku Super by Sunra EV, will be introduced to Europe. The China based company from Jiangsu Province had made the official announcement that the Miku Super – a light and powerful electric motorcycle – is coming to European markets soon.

As the electric motorcycles and scooters space is heating up fast, quickly becoming present all over the world, Chinese manufacturers are seeing their potential expansion abroad. Where most companies utilize a traditional frame only replacing it’s components to electric, others take unique design approaches that bring to light the many options for electric systems arrangements within that frame.

Over the past few years, more electric mini-bikes have been introduced to global markets. Electric mini-bikes, which fall in the middle between electric scooters or mopeds and full-sized electric motorcycles, have a fun and energetic character. A product like the Miku Super electric motorcycle from Sunra is exactly the fit to small bikes that Sunra is aiming for. You might not be aware of the company, but it is an e-mobility manufacturer from China that exports its products around the world, including to Europe.

The unique design of the Sunra Miku Super is quite interesting. With a distinct floating rear seat, hovering above the rear wheel, in an extra specious gap. A mini-bike that doesn’t have a support holding up the seat at the rear, gets an overall looks with sharp, sporty angles. The round LED front headlight gives the bike a modern nuance that we so often see on electric bikes over the years.

Sunra offers the Miku Super in 3 colors – blue, red, and yellow, all color schemes that stand out and shine the electric motorcycle’s dynamic nature. The bike, on paper, is a 125cc-equivalent 2-wheeler. Equipped with a (double) brushless motor that reaches a 3 kW peak power and 235Nm of torque. Reaching a top speed of 50 miles per hour, or around 80 kilometers per hour, which is a decent speed for this commuter.

The Miku Super also comes with a removable battery pack that can also be charged on the motorcycle. It has ‘on-paper’ claims for a range of 81 miles (130 kilometers), on a single charge. Equipped by standard with 3 riding modes, from Eco mode that provides the best range, of 81 miles. In Sport mode, the maximal power output will reduce the range to about 56 miles, or roughly 90 km.

This cool mini-bike will be rolling on 12-inch wheels and uses a combined disc brake system to bring it to a halt. The suspension consists of an inverted front fork with a cantilever-style rear swing-arm with a single shock on each side.

With the stylish and unique look, the Sunra Miku Super is quite an eye catching bike. It is expected to reach European markets at a starting price of 4,390 Euros (in France), or the equivalent of $4,741 USD.

Source: Sunra EV

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