North America’s first ever electric, CAKE Worlds Race has been completed

Professional rider Josh Mosiman was crowned North American champion, after a weekend of all electric motorcycle racing in Del Mar, CA.

The CAKE Worlds Race now carries on to Europe, to demonstrate the virtues and opportunities offered by the all-electric racing series.

Cake‘s World Race North-America is completed, and acknowledges the winners of this year’s first race – the first ever to take place in North America. As we recently reported, the company announced recently the birth of a new, global, electric motorcycle racing series – The CAKE Worlds One Design Race.

After a packed weekend of clean, electric racing in CA’s Del Mar, professional MXA Test Rider Josh Mosiman was crowned North American 4X champion, with Dylan Gaszak taking first place in the amateur class.

Ranking in 9th place, Ashley Fiolek was crowned best female rider and last year’s global champion, Seth Stevens, ended up 3rd. Together they will represent the United States in the CAKE Worlds Finals, later this year.

“I had so much fun! This was my second experience riding an electric bike, and first time racing one. I was honored to be invited, had a ton of fun being on the track with everyone and really enjoyed meeting so many new friends. To win the final race was the cherry on top”

Josh Mosiman, North American 4X Champion.

”I had a great time on Saturday bringing my amazing race cake bike to a victory!”

Ashley Fiolek, best female rider of the race

A clean, quiet alternative for the future
CAKE Worlds is a demonstration of ability by the company, on how electric motorcycles are able to change two-wheeled racing, offering a future-proofed alternative many of the issues with current fossil fueled racing.

The race can actually take place in urban areas, thanks to the silent, zero-polluting motorcycles. The bikes are raced on small, spectator-friendly tracks – that can be built cost-efficiently in urban environments, lowering even further the bar of entry to the sport. The 4X format also allows both men and women to compete against on another, on equal terms – another first in the world of two-wheeled racing.

“CAKE Worlds is all about spreading the joy of bike riding, proving that it is inclusive while showing that it’s possible to enjoy motorbike racing without polluting or disturbing the local community. With 70 percent of all motorsport tracks having closed their doors in the past 15 years, mainly due to issues of noise and pollution, we see a clear opportunity to establish a new racing format that everyone can enjoy”

Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE.

The CAKE Worlds Finals will be held at the Fox Raceway in Pala, CA, later this year. There, the fastest CAKE riders in North America will face their European counterparts, who in turn will qualify in CAKE Worlds events held throughout Europe this summer.

The CAKE Worlds Race 2022 Schedule

April 30th-May 1st – Del Mar (CA), USA. – COMPLETE.
July 16th-July 17th “preliminary” – Val Thorens, France
August 19th-20th “preliminary” – Gotland, Sweden
September 2nd – Fox Raceway, Pala (CA), USA.

Source: Cake

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