Harley-Davidson’s – LiveWire Del-Mar – What We Know Ahead Of The Official Launch Coming Tuesday

Harley-Davidson’s – LiveWire Del-Mar – What do we know?

Harley-Davidson and the LiveWire spin-off brand, have teased for months now on a new middleweight bike, the LiveWir Del-Mar. Shortly after the LiveWire brand became a separate name for electric motorcycles when it is spun off, the company launched its LiveWire ONE, then followed up with a full plan for several additional models.

LiveWire announced plans to go public with the new brand in the first half of 2022 via a SPAC (special purpose acquisition merger) in order to increase growth and power the brand’s drive into the next phase of electric motorcycle development. Now, we have the official launch of the LiveWire Del-Mar electric motorcycle, coming this Tuesday (May 10th).

And even without the full reveal from Harley-Davidson and the LiveWire crew, we can already guess this mid-weight bike will have a flat-track similar style and design.

So, what do we really know so far about the Coming LiveWire Del-Mar?

After hinting the Del-Mar in investor presentations, the company revealed how LiveWire models will be based on the “Arrow” architecture, which will allow different model configurations on a similar chassis.

While the Del-Mar is not expected to reach the horse power rank of the LiveWire ONE, an impressive 100 HP and a top speed of 110 mph (177 km/h), but rather carry a more moderate power rank – this model by LiveWire is also expected to carry a lower price tag.

We can expect that the Del-Mar will be a showcase to the great attention to details from Harley-Davidson, when it comes to design and style, the company will surely put effort into making this a unique ride, just as they did with the LiveWire ONE model.

This would make the coming model a more accessible ride for a wider range of bikers looking for a quality ride, with a reasonable price. But we’ll just have to wait a bit more to see the actual price.

From the video teaser, with only a sort reference to flat-track racing, we can clearly make the connection to previous images that surfaced from investor presentation, with great looking flat-track electric models.

Although these images have some age to them, and that leaves some room for Harley-Davidson to bring in surprises and make adjustments to the design where they see fit.

What’s next for Harley-Davidson and the LiveWire brand?

Likely, several more models to come!

We have already seen announcements by the company on sales targets of 100,000 electric motorcycles by 2026, which is an ambitious target, particularly with 2 models.

While this could include any electric bike, from the e-bicycle to the LiveWire ONE and the Del-Mar. But for such growth numbers, the company will surely need to launch more light models, which are also highly sought after in the electric space.

Now based on the Arrow architecture, the company plans to follow through development of their S3 phase of light vehicles based on a scaled-down modification of the Arrow architecture, which will be done in partnership with KYMCO.

Source: LiveWire

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