Famel – Rebranding 2022 – The Historic Portuguese Brand Reveals the E-XF design.

Famel E-XF rebrand

The historic Portuguese brand FAMEL, Reveals the final E-XF design, as the company rebrands for 2022.

We first covered the Famel’s brand resurrection over a year ago, when the company announced the coming E-XF model, and a more technological approach with full adoption of zero emission rides. Famel is now revealing the design for the electric E-XF, as the company rebrands into 2022.

Famel’s history starts at the end of the early 50’s, or in its earlier form as a moped and bicycle rims manufacturer starting in the late 40s. From 1952 to 1994, The company made as many as 30 models using engines from various manufacturers.

Their last bike, the Famel Electric, or Electron scooter, was one of the very first electric scooters, developed in 1993. The company closed its gates in 1994 and just a year ago was revived again in a 100% electric focused brand.

Now Famel is launching its E-XF fully electric, in two design styles – Café-racer and Classic. This electric motorcycle takes a simplistic and stylish approach to design, with the clear legacy of the brand’s past designs, and a vision into the future of electric models.

The E-XF by Famel carries a hub-motor with peak power of 5kW, that can get top speeds of about 60 mph (100km/h). Unlocking the full potential of the motor, rather then the 28mph (45km/h) electronic limit that was originally announced for this bike.

In addition, the E-XF will be able to carry a dual battery, boasting a range of 75 miles (120km), with a removeable battery pack of 1.8kWh each, and 3.2kWh for the dual pack.

Running on rear dual shock springs, and with an USD front fork, the E-XF comes with disc brakes on both wheels, and a symbolic large rounded LED light up front.

FAMEL E-XF: All about legacy.

The design of the E-XF is a clear legacy style of the historic Famel models. The chassis carry a faux gas tank, a Classic style or Café-racer styled seat, and all the electronics neatly tucked in. The handle bar also comes in these two variations, where of course the café-racer has a low positioned grip for a more aggressive riding position.

The low center of gravity leaves room between the battery pack and motor unit to the upper frame, giving it a unique look, distinctly electric. And despite a complete remake of the Famel into an electric motorcycle – it remains a stylish legacy continuation of the brand’s history.

The E-XF will be available in different colors for it’s faux-tank and lower panel. From red or black which come with a black seat, to grey or white which come with a brown seat. The bike is already open for pre-orders with a 488€ deposit and a full price of 5499€. Deliveries are scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

Source: Famel

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