Famel, the historic Portuguese brand returns with the launch of a new electric E-XF.

Famel E-XF

With a design inspired by the XF-17, the new Electric Famel E-XF marks the turning point and revival of the brand

Famel announce the launch of their first electric E-XF with the revival of the brand. This new period for Famel, signals a more technological approach, and a full adoption of zero emission rides. Famel is now starting pre-orders for the electric E-XF, with planned deliveries starting in 2022 in Portugal, and with an estimated grand total of 4100€.

Famel goes back to the end of the early 50’s, or in its even earlier form – as a moped and bicycle rims manufacturer – in the late 40s. Throughout their activity years from 1952 – 1994, The company produced as many as 30 model using engines from various third parties. Their last product, the Famel Electric, or Electron scooter, was one of the world’s very first electric scooters, developed in 1993. The company closed its gates in 1994 and is now being revived in a 100% electric focused brand.

“The return as a Portuguese Electric Motorcycle brand was a tough decision because of the heritage and culture established, but we embraced this mission for a cleaner future and stand for our coming generations that will also be our riders.”

Joel Sousa,

The new E-XF promises to bring the Famel brand back to the roads with a classic but electrified design, using a hub-motor with a peak power of 5kW, and a top speed of 70km / h (legal limit 45km/h) that aims to bring some fun to the daily commutes.

Famel E-XF

“The idea of electrifying came up during the restoration of an old XF-17 that I own; nowadays new parts are still on sale to restore the classis ones, which allows a significant share of components”

Joel Sousa, brand manager.

The new E-XF also features a front and rear disc brake, with a CBS (Combined Brake System) system, which is a very nice feature for a moped level ride, with 28mph (45km/h) limit. The battery pack carries 2.88kWh, or 72V and 40Ah battery, with charging time of about 4 hours, and a decent range of 43 miles (70km – as always, on paper and depending on conditions).

We are now entering a second phase that will be the most critical to rebuild the brand: industrialization and commercialization; there will be huge challenges, but we are convinced that pre-reservations will give us very positive indications. Also we will need to bring strategic investors and partners on board that share the same vision for the brand by making it known worldwide

Joel Sousa, brand manager.

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