Harley-Davidson LiveWire Officially Launch The Del Mar – 100 Unit Sold in less than 1 hour!

LiveWire Del Mar

It’s official – Harley Davidson finally release the Del-Mar, a second model under the LiveWire electric brand. 100 Units Sold out in under an hour!

Harley-Davidson and the LiveWire spin-off brand, now officially release a middleweight bike, the LiveWire Del-Mar. The middle weight champ by LiveWire is here.

After the LiveWire brand became the name for Harley’s electric motorcycles, the company launched its LiveWire ONE, only to follow up with a full plan for several additional models.

LiveWire announced plans to go public in the first half of 2022 via SPAC and we now have the official launch of the Del-Mar electric motorcycle, which was an anticipated moment for Harley fans and electric motorcycle fans alike.

So much so, that the first 100 units of the launch edition Del Mar are sold out, in under an hour.

The prototype was revealed in images, and per-orders opened with a small deposit and a target price of $17,699 on the first 100 units, and a final price tag for the production line motorcycles of $15,000. Riders can still join the waiting list on LiveWire’s website.

The LiveWire Del Mar is built on the patented Arrow platform developed by the company, which allows different model configurations on a similar chassis.

Although full technical details were not revealed, LiveWire has unveiled several key specs and targets for the Del Mar. The first bikes will be available in grey patterned color (seen above) or in Comet Indigo.

The Del Mar Launch Edition will come with the special colors & wheelset, with a target of 80 HP output (around 60kW). In addition, the Del Mar will have a target weight 420 lbs (190kg), which is almost 25% less than the LiveWire One.

The Del Mar will have an impressive 3.5 seconds 0-60 mph (0-100km/h) time, and although the battery specs are still kept out, the company has put a target range of 100 miles (160km) for City range.

The mixed range expectations were not discussed, and we’ll have to wait and see what range the Del mar can achieve when in full throttle or mixed riding.

LiveWire has recently announced a partnership with KYMCO that could hint at upcoming light models that can potentially be resourced to Asia in order offer more competitive pricing in the future, as Vance Strader, CTO of LiveWire, explained.

The Del Mar marks LiveWire’s second electric motorcycle model, though the company was already working on an S3 model. The next model is likely to be a lightweight electric motorcycle with a reduced performance, allowing a lower price tag as well.

Source: LiveWire

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