FELO FW 03 – The Urban Commuter Retro Styled like A Honda Cub. Technical Specs Review And More To Come From FELO.

The FELOW FW 03, an all-electric, lightweight commuter the size of a Yamaha BWs or the Honda Cub.

FELO Technology, recently unveiled an urban commuter named the FW 03. This smaller scaled bike was immediately put to scale and compare to scooters like the Yamaha BWs or much more appropriately the Honda Cub.

FELO, an R&D branch of Hiyeetong – had just released last year the FW 06, and has already established a strategic partnership with Kymco and Super Soco to build the Ionex battery swapping network together. The company builds around these strong partnerships to establish a firm position in local markets, while expanding internationally.

The FW 03 – a Cub of the future

The design of the FW 03 is a retro look of the old Honda Cub, with a futuristic look of its own. This urban commuter electric bike will weigh just 109kg making it light weight and flexible for better handling. Running on a dual battery pack, this cool bike will carry a range of 100-120Km NEDC for the Off-Road and Road model variations, respectively.

The hub motor is rated at nominal 2.4kW and 4.2kW peak, giving it around 5.5HP and reaching 20Nm torque. The motor can propel the FW 03 all the way to a top speed of 50mph (80km/h), powered by its 2.88kWh battery (that’s the dual pack total size). The battery should last for 1200 lifetime cycles, but takes some time to recharge, ranging from 6-8 hours in total.

In addition, the FW 03 will come with Disc brakes front and rear including CBS for the front. A 5 Inch LCD display and LED lights for the Road variation and it will come in two colors – Snowy white, or Storm Yellow. Another cool little feature, is that the FW03 handlebar is equipped with a protective cover integrating the turn signal on it.

The bike measures 66 x 30 x 39 Inch (1683 x 766 x 1002 mm), with a wheelbase of 47.2 inch (1200 mm), and comfy seat height of 763 mm, making it an easy to hop on ride, and one that is easy to maneuver down the streets, even when they are smaller, more dense, urban streets.

Since it was build as “A tribute to and reshaping of the classics, joy regardless of age” – we can definitely say this hits the right spots. It has a nostalgic retro look with tributes to the past, but in an all-electric modernized package.

The FW 03 is currently only offered in China, but converted price (18,800 yen) would put it  just over $2,900 USD, or just under 2,700 euros. We’ll have to wait and see when it may hit international markets.

But wait, there’s more to come from FELO. 6 New Vehicles a year?!

FELO and Jiangyin Lingang industrial district signed an investment protocol for a factory establishment with Jiangyin municipal government. The parties announced the initiation of the project with a total investment of over 76 Million dollar (USD, from 500 million yuan).

Felo’s strategies of “whole industry layout” are becoming clear, as they establish Headquarters and Brand design Center in Songjiang, Shanghai, the R&D Center in Xinbei, Changzhou, in addition to plans of FELO investment Thailand and France.

With the purpose of providing vehicles and parts to worldwide FELO branches, the vehicle production volume estimated from Jiangyin manufacturing center is 300 thousand annually once it is complete.

FELO is always ranked at the top tier of the world in terms of high-performance electric-powered motorcycles. The session of manufacture was completed by strategic partner – Kymco Motorcycle in the past. However, by the acceleration of electrified motorcycles globally, productivity is limited. FELO will separate the production to Kymco Motorcycle, FELO Jiangyin factory, FELO Thailand, and FELO France for providing high-quality vehicles and parts to global customers.

This Changzhou FELO research and development center will come into service already in May this year, just days away, and it is planned to give FELO the ability of developing 6 new vehicles per year. As the company states.

Eventually, FELO will bring more sustainable products with even more fun to the world!

Source: Hytmoto, FELO EV

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