CAKE launches 3 new Youth bikes for young riders, named “Ready – Steady – Go”.

CAKE Youth bikes

CAKE youth bike platform dubbed The CAKE Kids Evolution Program helps build the step by step skills for young riders. “learn to walk before you run“.

CAKE announces the launch of 3 new two-wheelers, rightfully named Ready, Steady and Go, aimed for youth riders. Under the CAKE Kids Evolution Program, the company will set the goal of building skills and confidence for two-wheeled young riders.

These CAKE Youth bikes were briefly teased by the company recently, in posts that made it pretty clear that e-bicycle will be the product, but instead, in the innovating spirit of CAKE, we get a full Youth platform and program, from Balance bike, to Pedals, to the Cake Go electric Youth bike.

“Learning to ride a bicycle is a must before even thinking of anything with a motor. The joy and excitement, developing skills, balance and control is the common platform, no matter where the path for kids on two wheels will take them. It’s also about responsibility and anxiety, where step by step confidence and safety thinking, for kids and parents is key”

Stefan Ytterborn, Founder and CEO, Cake.

Three new bikes, three new ways of riding
The Cake Kids Evolution Program is aimed for riders ages 2-8 years+, gradually preparing them as they perfect skills and gain confidence in riding. A total of 3 models are introduced, all with the distinct Cake quality and thrill of ride and each serving a different age group and level of skill.

“Being a dad, I have been disturbingly surprised by the motorized off-road kids bikes that lately have hit the market, addressing kids from toddlers and up. With the Cake line of bikes, we want to excite young riders and stress safety. You need to learn how to walk before you run, and you need to master your balance before you start playing around with a throttle”, comments Stefan Ytterborn.

CAKE Ready

The CAKE Ready is a balance bike in all aluminum frame, featuring distinct CAKE details. Kids aged 1.5 to 4 years, can explore first rides while strengthening their coordination and building the confidence needed before the next stop – pedals. The CAKE Ready balance bike weighs 3 kg, and are priced at 225 USD.

CAKE Youth bikes

CAKE Steady

When ready for pedals, the CAKE Steady are the next step. A 16” single speed mountain bike, aimed for riders 3.5 years old and up. When it’s time to master coordination and balance, while boosting confidence and establishing a foundation of safety thinking, and a step before the CAKE Go electric Youth bike. These pedal bike weighs in 7kg, and priced at 400 USD.

CAKE Youth bikes


CAKE Go is a bike to transition into the 2-wheel motorized world. CAKE go is a fully electric off-road youth bike, recommended for kids aged 6 years and older. The bike weight 32 kg including the battery, and through the guardian controller, allow an output of 600W to 1.5kW peak power. The battery power will last an estimated 1 hour or more of active riding. The CAKE Go are priced at 3,500 USD.

CAKE Youth bikes

Source: CAKE

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