Ukrainian EMGo Technology launches serial ScrAmper electric motorcycle for export

EMGo ScrAmper

Ukraine’s EMGo Technology launches the ScrAmper electric motorcycle for export

We previously reported on the announcement by EMGo Technology, a Ukrainian startup, based in Odessa. The compnay introduced light electric vehicles to local markets, with plans to create their ScrAmper scrambler electric motorcycle. There are 3 vehicles available from the company, the Flywheel e-scoot, the Razzo electric scooter, and the ScrAmper electric motorcycle.

Currently, EMGo have been developing several electric concepts in small series for the Ukrainian market. As part of its energy storage device offering, EMGo has also created “smart batteries”. The company is now preparing to launch a wide range of off-the-shelf solutions ranging from portable 1 kW “power banks” to high-performance batteries with integrated three-phase inverters.

The electric EMGo ScrAmper was developed in close collaboration with GEON for the global market. There have been three editions of the electric motorcycle. In the middle “plus” segment of the market for electric motorcycles, the latest version stands strong against the competition thanks to its powerful and technologically advanced capabilities.

Using their own cooled battery element system, the developers have added many new features to this concept that have gone into production. The EMGo ScrAmper has a patented cooling system that allows batteries of 10kW to run for 35 minutes without degradation or damage to the elements at a peak of 24 kW.

In future models, these battery properties will be used to create a special turbo mode of 24 kW, allowing the motorcycle to reach speeds of up to 170 km/h. Serial scrampers currently have a top speed limit of 130 km/h, a maximum mileage limit of 160 km in an urban environment, and a maximum speed limit of 110 km.

The EMGo ScrAmper is equipped with a powerful on-board charger that can be recharged at electric car stations or from the household network (45 minutes from 0% to 80%, 1.5 hours from 0 to 100%). The improved battery allows the ScrAmper a range of 124 miles (200km).

The tubular frame with battery covers and exposed rear monoshock, gives a great scrambler look. The front suspension inverted telescopic fork and the bike uses 270 mm disc brakes, 2 piston caliper and 220 mm rear single piston caliper. The rims are reinforced spokes and hub with formula tires.

Going to mass production is planned for December 2021, at the same time the company plans to accept pre-orders. The first serially produced ScrAmper is expected to hit the tarmac in 2022.

EMGo Razzo

The EMGo Razzo, a city mobility scooter, has a max speed of up to 56 mph (90km/h) and up to 93 miles (150km) of range. It has a 86.4 V, 67 Ah battery, 5.8kWh. It is a traditional looking scooter with all electric power, good city range and good sized battery.

EMGo Flywheel

The EMGo Flywheel moped, runs a max speed of 27 mph (45km/h) and 27 miles (45 km) of range. It operates on a 67.2V, 20 Ah battery, and driven by a 2.8kW motor with chain drive. Suspension swingarm, 2 rear shock absorbers and electromagnetic engine breaking. Charging time of 6-8 hours from standard chargers, or improved 2 hours charging with fast charge. The addition will bump the price accordingly from $1100 on standard model, to $1500 on the fast charging model.

Source: EMGo

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