Revolt Motors To Re-Open Bookings For The RV400 on October 21st

Revolt Motors Re-Open Bookings RV400

After last sales success of a 2-hours to go out-of-stock, Revolt Motors will re-open booking for their RV400 on October 21st.

Electric bike maker Revolt Motors on Thursday said it will re-open bookings for its RV400 motorcycle across 70 cities from October 21. The company said it also plans to expand its retail presence by entering 64 new cities, including Bangalore, Kolkata, Jaipur, Surat, Chandigarh, Lucknow & NCR by early 2022, from presence in just six cities to cater to the consumer demand.

The company’s current locations include Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai, which is still a decent presence that is planned to grow.

The company already saw extremely strong confirmation from their fan base, with a sold-out within two hours on their last sale day. With numbers showing the great shift towards electric motorcycles as the practical solution globally, and locally.

With their plans to expand, Revolt Motors will launch the re-open sale say for the RV400 with expectation to continue getting demand numbers and planning ahead for their additional localities.

“Expanding our current sales network from 6 to 70 cities, comes on the heels of the overwhelming demand from our customers ever since we started rolling out our bikes and the encouraging response from the governments at the Centre and states. Our new sales network will help us cater to this strong order bank across the country and further help us in the EV revolution,”

Rahul Sharma, Revolt Motors Founder
Revolt Motors Re-Open Bookings RV400

The Revolt RV400 has a 3KW mid-mounted motor. With range claimed by Revolt to be anywhere from 50 miles (80km) to 90+ miles (150km), depending on speed and terrain. The Revolt models has 3 driving modes, with ranges from 110 miles (180km) in Eco mode, 68 miles (110km) in Normal mode and just under 50 miles (80km) in Sports mode.

The Revolt is a full fairing bike, classic design that still has great curves and edges. It has a great overall look, that keeps classy and looks great at the same time. Simple in design, simple in look and still this bike captures the eye at first sight. It looks inviting and comfortable, and ride position is suitable for commuting and riding without putting much effort on the rider.

The battery pack for the Revolt RV400 is not the largest pack, but that makes it a lighter ride, standing a curb weight of 220-238 pound (101-108kg). It carries a 72V, 3.24KWh pack, suitable to the city range and commute needs.

With a mid drive motor, the top speed of 53mph (85kmh), the RV400 is a speedy bike for in city drives. The battery pack charges up in only 2-4.5 hours, depending on the charging rate. But where it really shines is price, as the RV400 starts at Rs. 1.06 Lakh ($1500) – a price that really make it a great deal for the rider. Revolt even offers financing through a monthly payment option to ease on their consumers.

As more people examine the options for more sustainable energy, cheaper commuting expenses, and of course government incentives making it more economic. In India especially, several tax incentives are offered for electric vehicles, as the Department of Heavy Industries introduced the FAME-II regulation, to offer 50% more incentives on two-wheeler EVs. For electric 2-wheelers: Rs 15,000 per kWh of battery capacity, up to 40% of the vehicle cost exempt from tax.

And these are only the governmental programs, as local states incentivize further with state subsidy for as much as Rs 5000 and as much as 10,000 in Meghalaya, or road tax and registration fee exemption in other states. In the state of Gujarat an announcement for further incentives plan to increase the subsidy to Rs 20,000, and invest in infrastructures to support electric vehicle growth in the state.

Source: Revolt Motors, India Times

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