Evoke Urban Series Gets A Range Bump For 2022 Models

Evoke Urban Series range increases to 250 KM (155 Miles) for 2022 models.

Evoke Motorcycles is  releasing an upgraded battery packs for the 2022 Urban Series. The upgrade includes the Urban S and the Urban Classic electric motorcycles in an effort to make electric motorcycles more accessible.

Evoke Electric Motorcycles is increasing the  entire series’ traction battery pack by 28%, which will ramp up effective city range to over 250 km (155 miles) when consuming 35-40 wh/km.

Besides increasing traction battery capacity by 28%, Evoke’s electric motorcycles boast a city travel range exceeding 250km (155 miles) when consuming 35 – 40W/km.

The increase in range is attributed to an upgraded battery and a new prismatic form factor. For a total of 10.0 kWh of capacity in the 2022 Urban Series, the battery will be an 113.4v, 102ah lithium NMC pack.  

Urban S and Urban Classic have a highway range of 180 km (110 miles), based on a 55 wh/km average, and can be charged at any J1772 electrified car station in 90 minutes for 80% (Urban Classic with the 3.3kW onboard charger).  

With the 2714897 prismatic form factor, the raw cell safety standards are now on par with BMW and Jaguar, and with Evoke Motorcycles’ BMS and ECU v2.0, this motorcycle intelligently regulates and controls the discharge process, charging, and balancing.

The prismatic form factor now also shares the same architecture as the 2022 Evoke Motorcycles 6061-GT, which allows for up to 660 km of in-city  range.

 “From existing customer feedback, we’ve listened to the request for more range,  and were worked hard to deliver on that promise. The new pack allows our  customers to commute back and forth, and now explore more of the twist and turns  of the countryside without range anxiety.”

Evoke Motorcycles’ COO,  Sebastian Chrobok.

Evoke Urban series:

The Evoke Urban series uses a hub motor, with 11kW nominal and 20kW peak power. The torque is rated 116Nm, and it run from 0-60km/h in 2.5 seconds.

Now with the improved power battery pack of 10kWh, in urban environment you can ride up to 250 km (156 miles), or in mixed riding about 175 km (109 miles).

The Evoke Urban immediately took attention from electric motorcycle fans, also taking in mind it’s amazing price tag of only $8,500 for the Urban Classic, or $7,999 on the Urban-S.

Evoke 6061 Series:

The Evoke 6061 is the cruiser series and comes in three variations, the CT, GT and XR with respectively 60kW (80HP), 90kW (120HP), 120kW (160HP). That’s a power cruiser with a top speed of 110mph (180km/h) to 142mph (230km/h) on the XR and GT.

With a huge battery pack, ranging from 17kWh for the smallest pack available for the CT which carries less peak power, and all the way up to the biggest pack with 34.3kWh. That pushes the 6061 to a range of 410 miles (660km) in city riding, 308 miles (497km) in mixed riding, and about 205 miles (331km) at highway speed.

The smaller battery packs still carry great ranges, from 330km to 470km in city riding, or 250km to 360km in mixed riding.

Evoke 6061
Evoke 6061

Source: Press Release – Evoke Motorcycles

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