Sondors Metacycle – an affordable competitor coming to US markets soon

Sondors unveil their first electric motorcycle, the affordable Sondors Metacycle.

The Sondors Metacycle electric motorcycle is a real affordable electric motorcycle, with great city range and speed. The Metacycle is expected to reach show room later in 2021, and will be a light weight, medium range bike with futuristic looks.

Although Sondors is mostly known for their E-bikes, they reveal plans to bring to market not only the Metacycle, but also an EV which seems to be a slingshot 3 wheeler (As we spotted on their site). The Metacycle has a look that really resembles the Novus electric motorcycle at first glance. But that mainly comes from the large see through gap in the middle of the bike. On the price is where these two really differ, as Sondors plan to launch the bike starting at $5,000, yes you read right.

An electric motorbike designed for the adventurous, freedom-seeker in you. Built to transcend barriers while offering a fresh, carefree riding experience. Engineered to be an extension of you, the rider. Ride wild. Ride free. Free from noise, vibration, fumes, and fuelling stations.

Metacycle brings you the freedom to unapologetically experience the joy of the ride in its purest form. Built for an elevated transportation experience that makes the ordinary journey, a trip of a lifetime.


The bike runs on a PMAC Hub motor, with nominal 8 kW (11hp) and peak power at 14.5 kW (20hp), pushing the Metacycle to a top speed of 80 mph (130 km/h) with up to 176Nm of torque on the wheel. That’s decent power for a city commuting machine, and it can carry (while not at top speeds) a nice range of 80 miles, right about 128 km.

The beautiful looking Cast Aluminum frames give it a very distinct look, complemented by Michelin Road 5 Tires – 150/60, and accented with the single disc Bybre brake and rear shock absorber. The removable battery pack comes charged with 4kWh, but seems to take so little space on the bike. This design is the type that takes traditional bikes, and kicks out the door any necessaries leaving you with a big gap where you normally have a gas tank.

Despite the great looking metal color, ‘Naked Silver’, it will also be offered completely black ‘Supermassive’, and all white ‘Arctic’.

Pre-orders for the Metacycle are already open, and it is expected to start delivery in October. As we are well aware, launch dates are quite often postponed, but we really hope to see such affordable prices continue to challenge the markets and offer zero emission mobility for everyone, as Sondors set out to do.

Source: SondorsX

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