Alrendo Motorcycles – TS Bravo will launch to Europe in May

Alrendo TS Bravo
Electric Motorcycle

Alrendo will offer the affordable Chinese made TS Bravo will be launched in May and challenge European manufacturer prices.

Chinese manufacturer Alrendo motorcycles plan to launch the TS Bravo to most European countries as early as May this year. The bike is a promising sportive and powerful bike with a large battery capacity. In the coming weeks will be ready to take a €300 refundable deposit on pre-orders. The final launch and delivery is expected by May.

The TS Bravo is yet another highly affordable electric motorcycle, compared to his European made competitors in the bracket, this bike comes in at only $12,000 (from €10,000). Although the motor and battery specs are not coming to compete with high power electric sportbikes, it has the right design and power when you do need.

The TS Bravo runs a PMAC liquid cooled motor, with nominal 11kW, but peak power of 58kW (75hp). As we said, it won’t compete with the Zero‘s or Energica‘s sport models, but it still packs good power and ability to provide the rider speed and torque.

Alrendo is a group of motorcycle and car enthusiasts who want everyone to know that electric 2 wheelers are even more enjoyable than their fossil fueled grandparents. We take the best of over 100 years of motorcycle tech and combine it with the latest in EV developments to make the perfect modern motorcycles. Riding fast and riding clean now go hand in hand.

Go fast, go clean, go without compromise, go Alrendo.


The battery pack is juiced up with 16.6kWh, which brings the bike to great range capability – as always, depending on how fast you want to ride. Reaching 419 km @50km/h (261 Miles @31mph), 250KM @ 80km/h (156 Miles @ 50mph), or 150KM @ 120km/h (95 Miles @ 75mph). Recharge time to 100% in 3.7 hours using a 3.8kW fast charger. All of those are impressive considering the price tag for the TS Bravo. Weighing in at 200 kg (441lbs) this electric sportive model

Alrendo TS Bravo
Electric Motorcycle

This brings a continued wave of Chinese brands with various models offered at prices that are very competitive and challenge the manufacturers in the space. Not only the Chinese manufacturers are price driven, they have made huge progresses in quality of production, which beings better and better product from year to year.

Alrendo will deliver across Europe, with the exclusion of only the following countries: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iceland, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

With the very aggressive time to market, Alrendo will try to push forward and delivery very soon, and we will keep track on things and keep you posted on their official deliveries.

Source: Alrendo Motorcycles

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