FTN Motion – A New Zealand electric cafe-racer with 30 liters of storage

FTN Motion

The FTN Motion motorcycles comes with great range, awesome storage space and moped class license. A lightweight Kiwi electric mobility innovation.

FTN Motion is a New-Zealand based start-up. Newly launching their FTN electric moped class motorcycle. It is a full retro bike, storing no less then 30L, and getting a range of 60 miles (100km). The company has set to bring the Kiwi lifestyle and needs to their design, which led to using all the vacant space for storage.

The company was founded by Luke Sinclair, Kendall Bristow and co-founder Saskia Thornton. Together they spent years designing, refining and testing until feeling they achieved the desired fully functioning production prototype.

FTN Motion

Rewind to 2015. We found ourselves, like thousands of others, wasting hours a day commuting across town in gridlock traffic, pumping out endless clouds of emissions.

It wasn’t long before we started looking at what alternative options were available. Electric mopeds emerging at the time were uninspiring copies of their petrol equivalents, a bit odd looking or just plain ugly.

The retro cafe-racer looking FTN motorcycle is a great traditional look, with a faux tank, providing the great functionality and usability in the storage space. With that, FTN uses a 3kW hub motor and comes weighing in only 136 lbs (62kg). This pushes the FTN to a claimed range of 100 km, or 60 miles.

The FTN is already taking deposits (NZ $100) with a full purchase price of NZ $7,995 (US$5,650) for their founders edition. The first sales are only open for New-Zealand locals for now. Their expectations are for starting delivery to their local clients by end of the year.

The FTN packs decent speed, but with the limit of 32 mph (50 km/h) making it moped class license, where needed.

We set out to build an electric moped from the ground up, using the advantages of an electric powertrain to develop a unique layout focused on style, practicality and simplicity.

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