Novus Electric Motorcycle – Unveiled at CES 2019 Availeable For Pre-Order

Nuvos motorcycle –Image by Novus

Recently unveiled at CES 2019 in Las-Vegas, the Novus motorcycle offers a design that stands out, with a price tag to match.

Now, we’re not haters, quite the opposite. Design on this bike is outstanding from any perspective, both aesthetically and in innovation. But the price must be discussed, and to clear the path for you to read without prejudice, we will put the price of the Novus right at the closing lines of this review. We want to talk first about the best things that the Novus motorcycle offers.

Did we mention the design? Novus immersed all of their components into the unique looking carbon fiber frame. The frame both holds as the skeleton of the bike, and exterior as well. The unique feature of the hollow center where a traditional motorcycle would hold its engine, looks just so appealing and smooth. On top of that, suspension at the rear and front match perfectly and looks as though they continue a the line throughout the Novus bike. It looks like a futuristic movie design, and not something you see on the road every day.

Nuvos motorcycle –Image by Novus

The Novus will be available in 2022, and is open for pre-orders now. The motor on the Novus is a direct drive hub, claimed to be 14kw in power, and able to produce about 200Nm of torque. Those are impressive numbers for a bike that only weighs in at 85 lb (39kg). This beauty will have a top speed of 60mph (97kmh), and although it isn’t the fastest motorcycle, for such a low weight using this motor setup, the Novus is quick.

Nuvos motorcycle –Image by Novus

The rated speed from 0-50 mph (0-80 kmh) is 3 seconds. Fast indeed, but we consider the fact that top speed is at 60mph, and would like to see future models from Novus that allow higher top speeds. We’re fine if those would still take 3 seconds for 0-60mph.

Novus claims that their deflected air damper is adjustable and can be adapted to the road conditions at any time, for both compression and rebound. Break system is a dual hydraulic floating caliper disc brakes, on dual 230 mm brake discs. The Novus range is rated at 60 mile (100km) and recharge time will take just 1 hour for 80% of battery.

As we have seen lately from several electric motorcycle manufacturers, an integrated app serves as a cool feature that riders grown to love, and the Novus is no stranger to it, offering an app with many features and options.

Now to the only feature we wanted to leave for last, the price comes in at a whopping $55,650 (Including VAT), which really is a price that makes you wonder what are you getting back in return for your money. At this price bracket, Novus stands next to motorcycles that offer more engine power with the likes of Harley’s LiveWire, the Zero SR/F, Verge TS, and others. Heck, some of those are cheaper and simply have much more power.

Nuvos motorcycle –Image by Novus

Overall, Novus has made a great unique design, and being all electric is the right, smart move for any company in our opinion. We would love to see them succeed and continue to produce more great models. We would love even more, to see those models at much more affordable prices.

Via: Novus

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