EMoS Announce Their WYLD Chopper Designed E-Moped

EMoS WYLD – image by EMoS

EMoS Australia release details on their WYLD model, a chopper like designed E-moped with great style.

The looks on the WYLD model by EMoS makes it clear that this E-moped thinks and sees itself as being a full on chopper. This great look is fully scaled for this moderate size moped, to be just like a full sized chopper. Suspension on front and back are just the right angles, the back fork looks similar to that of custom choppers, and small design features like the headlight and main chassis give it an overall good look.

The EMoS WYLD looks like a great urban vehicle, with a good range of options for both it’s removable battery pack, and motor. It’s fully equipped for the road with front LED light, front and rear turning indicators, a horn, brake lights and an LCD screen display. It runs on 18 inch tires and weighs in at 82kg.

The battery options for the EMoS WYLD is Removable 60V (12Ah / 20Ah / 30Ah) option, and a motor selection from 1500W / 2000W / 3000W with Torque output of 95Nm. The battery gets an output of either 1.5 or 3 kWh, and has a charging time of 5hr. Range for this great looking moped can get you a 55 miles (90 km) ride.

EMoS WYLD – image by EMoS

WYLD has an overall look and feel of a chopper, with great electric design incorporated and a decent power output for an urban vehicle.

Via: EMoS

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