Verge TS – The Hubless Wheel Bike – Available For Pre-Order

Verge TS – Image by Verge

Verge TS is most unique for the hubless wheel design, but it has every bit of functionality you need.

When first looking at the verge TS, you immedietly get thrown into a movie scene from Sci-fi movies. The future is here for electric motorcycles, there’s no doubt about it. With great progress being made by veteran brands and new companies alike, Verge has brought its model for the TS come to live with great design.

The hubless wheel, it’s most distinct feature for this Finnish produced motorcycle. The design is cutting edge and captures the eye. Color selection for the Verge TS makes it just a bit harder to decide which one we want… The all black? Blue? Yellow? the white looks slick, but the orange looks more of a beast. Well, any one of those is fine with us.

Verge motorcycles did a great production work, which definitely shows on their product both in aesthetics and in specifications. This beast has an 80kw power in it’s engine, while we couldn’t find battery details, that would require a battery in the realm of 15-20kWh. The torque on the Verge TS is all the way up there at 1000Nm, pushing it from 0-60 (100kmh) in under 4 seconds. It’s top speed is a whopping 112 mph (180kmh) and it runs a range of 186 miles (300km).

Verge TS – Image by Verge

Price tag on the Verge TS for pre-order (deposit is 2000 Euro) stands at € 24990, roughly $29,659, putting the Verge TS not too highly priced, and definitely money worthy for the great specs expected.

Via: VergeMotorcycles

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