Verge TS Wins Red-Dot design awards 2021 and Announces Coming Events and Shows

The hubless Verge TS wins the 2021 Red-Dot awards and Verge Motorcycles plans for 2021 coming events.

In a recent video by Verge Motorcycles (Check out their YT Channel), the Finland based company gives fans an update on the Winner announcement for their Verge TS – by Red-Dot awards, a status update on production, coming events participation for 2021, and more.

On the Red-Dot award winning, giving recognition to their TS in design ingenuity and innovation. This awards puts the Verge TS along side some of the top names in the industry, like Ferrari polstar, yamaha and honda, but let us not forget also CAKE Osa who won it in 2020.

Our company’s ethos has been to create something bold, to create something different and to create something that challenges traditional thinking both functionally and visually.

This award confirms that we are on the right track and doing exactly what we set out to do, being in the same conversation as ferrari polstar yamaha and honda is an honor especially with a team of 10 people and with a company that has only been in existence for just over three years

Verge announced 2 events they will be taking part of already this year, GreenTech Festival In Berlin, Germany and the MYLE festival in Munich, Germany. The GreenTech Festival will take place from 16-18 of June, with an extended festival concept welcomes visitors on-site, digitally, and online 365 days a year with speakers, exhibitors and an awards ceremony. The MYLE festival which is relatively new, take place in Munich from 23rd to 25th of July. This festival focuses on being a platform or powerhouse for communication “with brand deeply rooted in mobility”.

Production continues at Verge motorcycles, but we all realize how supply chains have been impacted over the last year. Other companies already delayed the launch of some models, but for Verge and the TS, the company does what they can to overcome the gaps and proceed with manufacturing.

currently we’re still feeling the effect of the covid situation, we’ve got backlogs and we’re delayed slightly but we’re still pushing forward and we’ve been working really hard to make a difference in the places that we can

this week we will be releasing footage of our suspension testing and also our city driving simulations with that said as countries are starting

Verge YT

Verge Motorcycles and the Verge TS really captures the eye with their hubless rear wheel, rim integrated motor, and beautiful geometric lines across its design. The TS has an 80kw powered motor, with claimed top speed of 112 mph (180km/h), and 0-60 speed of under 4 seconds. Even though we couldn’t find battery full specs, we could estimate the pack to run anywhere from 15kWh to 20kWh, in order to actually match the range estimate claims of 186 miles (300km).

The Price tag on the Verge TS for pre-order (deposit is 2000 Euro) stands at € 24990 full price. That’s about $29,659 US, making the Verge TS not too highly priced, but right there at the top with Harley-Davidson’s livewire, actually more than a Zero SRF, or the SRS.

As we continue to wait for their revealing of suspension testing and showing us more driving simulations, we will keep tracking the news from Verge Motorcycles, and keep posting you on the full specs as they uncover.

Source: Verge FB, Verge YT

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