Pepper Motorcycles Switzerland With A First Prototype – Light Electric Café Racer

The Cafe Racer/ Scrambler model by Pepper Motorcycles was announced via their Facebook page, a light electric developed and made in Switzerland.

Pepper Motorcycles, the Swiss company with a dedicated purpose to construct a light electric motorcycle. Pepper is now presenting a unique prototype, a Cafe-Racer light electric motorcycle. The company is showing off a very light (almost e-bike weight), agile bike with great top speed for an L3e-A1 license class (125cc equivalent).

The Pepper is the product of targeting an electric two-wheeler that is a cross between the motorcycle and the bicycle. The outcome is a beautiful traditional look, with design features that scream retro, and a very light and easy to handle bike.

Pepper tackles the gap between large and heavy motorcycles, to light E-bikes (which may lack range or power). Where a heavy full size motorcycles is not needed, but an E-bike just isn’t strong enough – or doesn’t get the range. For these city settings, shorter commutes and urban daily environment- the Pepper electric is the perfect ride for city and inner city.

For the prototype, Pepper used a 700Wh battery, and the final size of it remains to be seen. This will likely have an impact on the current bike weight of only 115lbs (52kg). The bike runs a 3kW hub motor, with peak power of 6kW, pretty decent power, getting to a top speed of 43 mph (70km/h, on paper).

The features across the bike makes it a real treat, from dual spring rear suspension, front inverted fork, disc breaks front, led lights and more great features like the faux gas tank, the great seat cover and rear tail-light design.

We have already begun working on a new version, with upgraded features such as more power and greater autonomy, which will be homologated in Europe in category L3e-A1 (125cc equivalent). Our objective is to launch a fund-raising campaign to bring it to market.

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​With their path ahead of them, Pepper now plan to proceed with homologation in Europe for a light L3a-A1 class motorcycle, with an upcoming fund-raiser that will facilitate their expansion plans.

Source: Pepper Motorcycles