OX Motorcycles Reveal The OX One With Three Optional Designs

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OX motorcycles Spain have unveiled three designs for the OX One, pre-orders opened.

The Spanish startup OX motorcycles unveils the OX ONE, a customizable electric motorcycle, offered in three design options (or standard). The retro design, still keeps it updated and fresh, with their prototype first announced back in 2019, the company now revealed their version of the production model OX one. 

The OX ONE brings a retro classic style with new technologies. The motorcycle offers two optional motor sizes, 3KW and 5KW motor, equal to a 50cc and 125cc class respectively. With a max speed of 50km/h and 120 km/h respective to motor size, and a claimed range of 60 miles (100km). Pre-sales orders are already open on OX’s Website.

The removeable battery pack (two batteries total) will charge in just two hours up to 80% of the battery in any standard socket. The removeable modules can be easily accessed from the side of the bike, where the casing opens to reveal each of these two modules. Overall the battery pack size is 2.16kWh, or a dual 72V 30Ah pack.

The company aims to bring Spanish markets a more customizable ride, with variations for the looks and needs of the rider. OX plans to penetrate the local market first, through online sales and traditional dealers, with the expectation of expanding to more locations in Europe by middle 2021, starting with Italy and France. 

For OX Motorcycles, the teams focus was on technology, and they created a system to increase safety for the motorcycle and the rider. “Smartbox” technology is a series of sensors that allow the bike to collect and analyze data from your riding, the state of the vehicle and its environment at all times. This offers a fall alert system, auto-emergency call, GPS, and of course removable batteries.

This retro design can also be customized, making this model a unique light electric vehicle with more customization for each rider.

Source: OX Motorcycles

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