Harley-Davidson LiveWire – Technical Overview

When Harley Davidson stepped into electric with the Livewire, they hit the home-run.

Harley-Davidson has always been known for its high quality bikes and outstanding performance. It has over the years made a reputation for itself as a household brand, it is one of the dream motorcycles shared by many riders. When they initially ventured into electrical motorcycles, with the LiveWire, they did not fall short of expectations.

Harley Davidson did a really great job with this bike, and it was their first ever electric motorcycle. First of all the Harley Davidson livewire has some serious power, we’re talking 78 kilowatts or a hundred and five horsepower which is enough for a 0 to 60 time of three seconds. They have also been able to create a unique sound that is unlike any other electric motorcycle. Harley found their special way of creating a unique sound for the bike that adds to the riding experience. The battery pack is a critical course of action for Harley Davidson when they produced the livewire, completely united with the packaging and outside panel.

Harley Davidson LiveWire. image by Harley-Davidson

An intense 117Nm of torque, pushes this electric motorcycle’s range to the best quality and upper bracket of electric bike contenders. It’s weight comes in at 549lb (249kg) and its most noteworthy top speed at 94 mph (153 kph).

Battery charging had some ‘hick ups’ for Harley, yet those have been overcome. A full charge takes around 10 hours using a standard charger. Dismissing that, with an 3 DC Fast Charging option plug, it can appear at 80% charge in only 40 minutes.

They also added a unique “heart beat” feature. Harley inbuilt this heartbeat feature which sends a slight pulsing sensation that you can feel in your thighs and within the handlebars. It can be turned off if you do not like it, but it actually gives a slight rumble feeling of ‘engine operating’ beneath you – without the noise of exhaust pipes. it’s only one more sensory input for the rider that the bike provides.

Harley Davidson LiveWire. image by Harley-Davidson

A well-built machine, it’s an enjoyable ride with great handling, that offers comfort on the seat. The price tag comes in at just under $30,000, putting it on the upper price bracket, but provides such unique features like key-less operation and auto cancelling turn signals for a unique product experience. Its excellent Balance Free shock at the rear, as well as great suspension make it a pleasure to experience on bendy roads and long hauls.

It has a range of 146 miles when driven lightly or around 90 miles of range when you really want to push it to top speeds. Speaking of speed, it’ll hit 0-60mph in just three seconds.

Harley Davidson LiveWire. image by Harley-Davidson

Harley Davidson kept true to their brand, paying a tribute to their design legacy while still providing a top notch product and a new kind of motorcycle. We must also give credit for Harley not going over, or trying to force gas bike styling on this new model, which lives up to it’s name and brand manufacturer.

Harley Davidson LiveWire. image by Harley-Davidson

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