Zero SR/S -2020 Electric Motorcycle Review.

Zero SR/S – Image by Zero

Zero motorcycles SR/S – Sport bike with an attitude, and a looks to match.

Zero motorcycles are known for producing excellent bikes. They keep innovating, while still maintaining scale of a large manufacturer. Thaose kind of scale-up operations is what allows Zero to push the limits of engineering further. The Zero SR/S is another great example for a line production bike – with force and agility, with attention to details and usage of great parts for suspension and breaks.

Zero SR/F gets a top speed of 124 mph (200 km/h), quite adaquate for a speed bike. The SR series by Zero has an 82kw motor, passive air cooled permanent magnet AC motor, that gets 110 horse power. The battery pack is a 12.6kWh, with power peak at 14.4kWh, which carries the ride with amazing torque of 190Nm. That’s enough force to get a 0-60 speed that should run close to 3.6 seconds (our estimate, not official time).

Zero spare nothing on competent in their products, on the Zero SR/S the suspensions are Showa 43 mm Big Piston forks at the front, and Showa 40 mm piston on the back. Breaks by Bosch Advanced MSC, 4-piston calliper on both, with 320 x 5 mm discs.

The design is perfect for a speed bike, with clean lines all the way through. Zero give special attention to each of their models, and the SR/S seems to have gotten a bit more attention. There are a few things like it’s front light, that looks like a hawk’s beak wanting to grab you, the elongated back seat with lines pulling it just a few inches more, which give it a real badass look.

It takes 8 hours with a 1kW charger, or 2 hours with Level 2 station. That is reduced to as low as 1.5 hour with 6kW chargers. The Zero SR/S Stands at a curb weight of 505lb (229kg), just a few pounds heavier than the SR/F, while they both share similar componenets .

Range for the Zero SR/S is also a great feature. City range of 161 miles (259 km) and highway range of 82 miles (132 km). If you wish to get more highway, reducing the speed to 55mph would get you to a range of just under 100 miles (159km).

Zero SR/S – Image by Zero

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