Zero DSR – Real Dual Sport Machine. Electric Motorcycle review

Zero DSR -Black Forest edition – Image by Zero

Zero motorcycles’ DSR is an example for a strong bike with a lot to offer. Our review and coverage on all model outputs, including Black Forest edition.

The electric motorcycles coming out of Zero motorcycles’ manufacturing line are some of the top line, mass production vehicles. When announcing the 2020 lineup, Zero has updated paint options for various models (the DSR got an all new black and gold paint), accessorized others, and continues to give riders more completed service and options to choose from.

Their DSR model has two options for selecting just how strong and long you wish to go. It’s a dual sport type beast, that packs great engine force. It lacks nothing on range and top speed, and Zero has more to offer with their Black Forest additions that fully fit the bike for on-off road adventurous rides.

Both the DSR ZF14.4 POWER TANK and it’s modest sibling the ZF14.4, carry 70 horses on board, with a 52kw engine. It reaches 102mph (163kmh), and has torque of 157Nm. That’s both power and speed, and that fits well on such dual sport models.

The battery pack is where the selection comes in with either a 14.4kWh pack, or the Power Tank version carrying the 18kWh battery. Now this selection has a key value in range. It makes a difference for riders looking to get more riding time, driving at higher speeds or more aggressive style.

It’s an adventurers motorcycle, and has a seating position to get your ride on with comfort. The DSR has a range of 163 -264 miles, depending on your battery pack. On highway rides with greater speeds it still will get you 105-132 miles, which is greatly sufficient for most commuters looking to get weekly rides to work, while tearing off road on weekends.

Zero DSR -Black Forest edition – Image by Zero

The design lines are classic to a dual sport, and Zero’s Black Forest edition allows the rider to add and accessorize the motorcycle for adventure. A triple Trex aluminum hard cases – top and two sided cases, with great volume and carry on capacity. With the addition of an adjustable wind screen and fast charge option. With that combination, of fast charging along with the offered range per charge, Zero believes the DSR is a perfect adventure machine. And the DSR can live up to that, no doubt, so why not equip it with a few rider’s treats to make the adventure all the better.

Zero DSR -Black Forest edition – Image by Zero

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