NIU’s RQi – GT Electric Motorcycle coming late 2021

Niu RQi GT – Image by Niu

NIU unveiled their RQi GT Electric Motorcycle model this CES, Jan 2020, and it looks great.

The CES show this 2020 has shown the increasing interest in electric motorcycles. Several reveals that have great game changing impact on the electric mobility industry, and specifically motorcycles.

Niu’s announcement could very well be one of the bigger of those. Their entry with the beautiful RQi GT model, signs for affordability coming-in with accelerated pace to electric motorcycles. They have so far produced great scooters, and the announcement is a natural next step for the company.

Niu RQi GT – Image by Niu

The RQi GT has great lines, sharp on the edges and truly looks like a machine for speed. It doesn’t miss on giving back on that point with a top speed of 100 mph (160kmh). With the looks of a city speed bike, this model is described by Niu as a smart motorcycle, with lots of technology an innovation invested in it.

Traditional design on the RQi GT has some features that make it stand out. The raised, sharp edges of the tail, and geometric lines across the bike gives a beautiful look. The digital dashboard is another addition that sits very well with the bike’s front and headlight.

Niu RQi GT – Image by Niu

RQi GT is a great city commuter, with an expected range of 80 miles measured for city speeds averaging only 30 mph (48kmh). That’s still a decent range for most commutes. Official range has not yet been published for the RQi GT, tells us a Niu speaker. Once full specifications will come out prior to its full launch for sale, we will provide extra coverage of the motorcycle specification and our opinion review.

Though price hasn’t been announced, and final specifications such as range had not been released officially, the RQi GT is expected to be available in late 2021. We can’t wait to hear more when this beauty will be released.

Niu RQi GT – Image by Niu

Via: Niu PR & Site

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