CSC City Slicker – Commuting With Ease, With An Affordable Price

CSC City Slicker – Image by CSC motorcycles

CSC motorcycles release of the City Slicker model was a great success, an affordable bike with great value for city rides.

The Chinese made CSC motorcycles are aiming to win over riders that don’t necessarily look for an outstanding range or extreme power. The City Slicker model gives a decent amount of range for almost any commuter, while putting an emphasis on affordable prices that come with high product quality.

The City Slicker is proposed as a city commuting two wheeler, and the range on it allows up to 100 km (66iles). The top speed of 75 kmh (about 47 mph) may not be the fastest option, but it is a top speed that’s suitable for city rides. It comes in at a great price of about $2900, that’s right, under $3000 price tag making this an incredibly attractive option.

The motor of the City Slicker is a belt drive that produces 5.4 horse power, from its 3.2kw motor. And with a modest battery pack of 72V 26Ah, that still is a good 1.87kwh of power for the types of rides that the motorcycle is expected to do. The charge time with a 110 VAC wall plug is about 6 hours. Combine that with a range of 37 miles (60km) at 37 mph (60 kmh) which is just right for the purpose. If you take it slower at only 20 mph (32 kmh) it will get you a distance of 62 miles (100km).

CSC City Slicker – Image by CSC motorcycles

CSC kept this a straight forward model, packed into a great design. The curb weight of the City Slicker is only 98 kg or 216 lbs. Which makes it agile and easy to handle, important trades when getting around town or down ally ways and narrow streets.

Overall, CSC motorcycles have nailed it with what this bike was targeting. Easy to handle, great design of a motorbike. Affordable and suitable for a wide range of riders. It gives the option for people wanting to enter electric motorcycle riding, with more affordable options than what we’ve seen so far.

CSC City Slicker – Image by CSC motorcycles

CSC City Slicker specification:

Motor:3.2kW (4.3 hp) belt drive
Top speed: 46.6 mph (70 km/h)
Range at 37 mph (60 km/h):
Range at 20 mph (32 km/h):
37 mi (60 km)
62 mi (100 km)
Battery: 72V 26Ah (1.872Wh)
Curb weight: 216 lb (98 kg)
Brakes:Dual piston Hydraulic disc brakes on front, Single piston Hydraulic disc brakes rear
Suspenions: Rear monoshock adjustable preload.
Inverted telescopic fork.

Via: CSCmotorcycles

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