Curtiss Motorcycles Will Launch All Electric Models. Their Curtiss One Is A Masterpiece Design.

Curtiss One – Image by Curtiss motorcycles

Custom electric motorcycle with special looks to the very last bolt. Curtiss Motorcycles’ unbelievable design looks just rebellious. Take a look for yourself.

Curtiss One – Image by Curtiss motorcycles

Curtiss Motorcycles, founded 1991 and based in Louisiana, bring romance back to riders with their beautiful custom rides. Their all electric models are designed for a better way to produce desirable electric bikes. The upcoming designs not only look mean and revolutionary, they actually look as romantic as they we’re meant to.

Remember that time, back when you were a child, when an unbelievable looking chopper or custom bike would come rolling down the street. Everyone had their eyes drawn as that bike went by, everyone fantasized about being that rider… Curtiss models are meant to bring back exactly that feeling. When was your last time falling in love with a bike?

Curtiss One – Image by Curtiss motorcycles

We’ve had the pleasure of hearing from Jason Cormier, the director of communications, and hear from him about the mission and designs coming from Curtiss Motorcycles. For the Curtiss flagship model, the Curtiss 1 (one), they have brought exactly that experience that can take everyone’s attention. It’s a design made of dream material, from the heavy forks and their unique open design, through the saddle stitching, springs, battery design, gas tank like cover, drive belt and honestly – all the way through the Curtiss 1. This bike just captures the eye and heart.

Technology on this bike was not spared one bit either. The Curtiss 1 will have a belt drive that can peak at 120 hp, with nominal 87 hp. It also clearly states that this build will reach as far as 217 hp (future proof capable). That’s great power, which would be supported by a battery pack that’s expected to come at about 16kWh, possibly even larger. That’s from 399V (unknown Ah) battery setup that is also unique in style.

Curtiss One drive – Image by Curtiss motorcycles

The Curtiss 1 pushes a nominal torque of 162, and peak of 199Nm. This beast looks unbelievable, like any model that came to us so from from Curtiss Motorcycles. They took suspensions in and put out something of their own making – a fully adjustable double wishbone fork, using carbon fiber and aluminum with RaceTech monoshock. Curtiss one breaks using a four-piston Beringer, radially-mounted aerotec calipers. All that sits on an aluminum, triple-load path construction chassis with its structural radiator battery monocoque.

What can we say here? The Curtiss One is undoubtedly a unique motorcycle, and it makes you want it and love it from the very first sight. Did we mention that Curtiss is on a mission to bring back romance and passion to motorcycle lovers? If you ask me, they did just that.

Full specifications:

Power Output217 HP (future-proof capable)
120 HP (peak)
87 HP (steady)
Power Supplycompact axial flux motor.
Curtiss power axis design (patent-pending).
Control SystemCascadia Motion PM100 propulsion inverter.
proprietary VCU.
Torque272 LB-FT (future-proof capable)
147 LB-FT (peak)
120 LB-FT (nominal)
Suspensionfront: fully adjustable, double-wishbone parallelogram
fork – modular carbon fiber and aluminum girders
and direct-action, RaceTech monoshock,
5.5” of travel
rear: fully adjustable swing arm with RaceTech
monoshock linkage, 6” of 2:1 travel
Breaksfront: 2 X 230mm Beringer floating aeronal cast-iron
discs. Four-piston Beringer radially-mounted
Aerotec calipers, with 2 additional discs available
rear: 2 X 230mm Beringer floating aeronal cast iron
discs. Four-piston Beringer radially-mounted
Aerotec calipers
Curtiss One – Image by Curtiss motorcycles

Via: Curtiss Motorcycels

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