FELO Unveils the Foldable Mini Electric Motorcycle M-One


FELO Unveils M-One: The Foldable Mini Electric Motorcycle That Redefines Portability

FELO, a motorcycle company we have been covering over the past years, has recently revealed its latest innovation – the M-One, a foldable mini electric motorcycle. Despite its toy-like appearance, the M-One is a practical solution for daily commutes and short trips. It is lightweight enough to be carried as a sub-vehicle in the trunk of a car, making it ideal for excursions that require a portable and mobile mode of transportation.

Presented at the 50th Tokyo Motorcycle Show, marking the debut for the M-One moped. According to FELO, the M-One has a curb weight of 37 kilos and is powered by a lithium battery. It boasts a rated power of 400 watts, a maximum output power of 1 kilowatt, and a cruising range of up to 100 kilometers. The motorcycle made its debut appearance at the 50th Tokyo Motorcycle Show and is scheduled to be available for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The M-One’s boxy body resembles a bigger camcorder, with the front light replacing the lens and the engine’s home replacing the screen of the handheld device. Its magnesium-aluminum alloy integrated frame adds to the vehicle’s durability, and the flat handlebars can be flipped down into the carved space in the motorcycle’s body. This technique allows the M-One to live up to its foldable namesake, with a total height of 22 inches when retracted.

  • FELO M-One
  • FELO M-One
  • FELO M-One

FELO’s design team has reserved “development spaces” around the motorcycle, enabling riders to customize their ride by adding Bluetooth speakers, more headlights, and other modifications, according to the company’s long-term modular capacities.

The M-One comes in two visually striking models. The first model features a bright yellow cube with grill design elements that may recall a crane machine at a construction site. The second model is clad with gray pixels in varying hues, articulating a more contemporary design.

The M-One’s foldable capacity and external discharge function are its two core selling points, according to Zhang Jingyi, founder and CEO of FELO Technology. He explains that the M-One can be folded and placed in the trunk of a car or anchored on the tail of an SUV. The motorcycle has a 220V and 50Hz household AC power with two-way charging and discharging function that the company believes can meet the electricity demands of most car enthusiasts for their outdoor entertainment.

FELO has announced a price tag of 380,000 yen (approximately 2,800 USD) for the Japanese market. With its impressive specifications and versatile design, the M-One is a game-changer in the world of electric motorcycles.

Source: DesignBoom, Weixin

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