RTR Motorcycles Goes Electric with the 799e Scrambler

RTR 799e scrambler

RTR Motorcycles: Ride The Revolution with Gustavo Lourenço’s Flagship Premium Electric Motorcycle

RTR Motorcycles is set to make a splash in the electric OEM market with the release of its first-ever electric motorcycle, the 799e scrambler. The company was founded by Gustavo Lourenço, a renowned custom motorcycle builder who has been handcrafting unique bikes for over three decades. Lourenço’s decision to create an electric motorcycle comes from his desire to decarbonize one of his favorite things in the world and to bring riders along for the journey.

Currently undergoing homologation in Brazil as of March 2023, the 799e scrambler is RTR’s flagship, premium electric motorcycle offering. If everything goes according to plan, the company intends to start shipping the bikes to customers in December 2023. The motorcycle is available for pre-sale on RTR’s website, although no pricing information is given. Interested parties can fill out a digital form to request more information.

The RTR 799e scrambler is powered by an 8-kilowatt motor and has a top speed of 127 kilometers per hour (just under 79 mph). It has a range of approximately 120 kilometers (74.5 miles) on a single charge and can be charged using a standard household outlet in about five hours. The bike’s battery pack is a 7.7-kilowatt hour lithium-ion unit, and like most electric motorcycles, it has no clutch.

  • RTR 799e scrambler
  • RTR 799e scrambler
  • RTR 799e scrambler

While full specs for the RTR 799e scrambler are not yet available, the motorcycle features a tidy digital display and a USB outlet for easy phone charging on the go. There is also an onboard storage compartment for small items, although the exact size of the compartment has not been specified. RTR states that the motorcycle is available for customization, which is likely to be of interest to prospective buyers.

Design-wise, the RTR 799e scrambler features a pleasingly retro-modern skid plate that surrounds the leading corner of the battery pack, LED headlight, and drop-down bar-end mirrors. While the aesthetics are certainly nice to look at, the true test of the bike’s success will be in the riding experience and how well it is received by customers.

In addition to the 799e scrambler, RTR plans to release a more affordable motorcycle for the masses after the successful launch of its flagship model. The company’s entry into the electric motorcycle market is a significant development and is sure to capture the attention of riders who are looking for a stylish, high-performance, and environmentally friendly motorcycle option.

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2 thoughts on “RTR Motorcycles Goes Electric with the 799e Scrambler

  1. Making motorcycles by copying and slightly modifying other people’s designs is easy.

    Take a look at Javier Gutiérrez’s motorcycle published in 2021 on the Behance website.

    The basic lines, the configuration of its frame and its propulsion system are the same.

    1. We’re just here to report the news. 🙂
      But the similarity is there, I’ll give you that.
      The main top ridge of the frame was originally thicker on Javier Gutierrez’s design, and the seat was a single-seater… Maybe also a bit different in battery design and configuration, but overall the resemblance is there.
      There are similarities, there are differences, but they sure look alike.

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