Maeving Launch the RM1, a Retro Hand-Built Electric Café Racer

The British startup, Maeving, launch their RM1 retro electric café racer hand-built in UK.

 UK startup Maeving is looking to get you there without contributing to local pollution levels, and in retro style, with the launch of the RM1 electric café racer.

A rear hub motor powers this new electric café racer, originating from Bosch. Three ride modes are available, and the top speed is 45 mph (72 km/h), making it more suitable for tottering around town and city than for exploring highways and backroads.

In addition to the battery opening out so you can charge it, an optional spare can be added to the  RM1’s faux tank of 10-liters to double the range of the vehicle. Riders might want to consider this battery, since each one is reported to be capable of 40 mi (64 km) per charge within 3.5 hours charging time.

Detailed specifications for the RM1 were not provided, but here’s what we found for you so far: The bike will utilize dual spring shocks at the rear, a single seat, a traditional analog speedometer, full fenders, and 19-inch Dunlop Gold Seal tires.

Disc brakes both rear and front, with inverted front fork and a great style rounded front light and mirrors. One other great design feature on the RM1 is the wide pipe going over from the battery to the controller unit, giving the bike a great look for a café racer.

maeving RM1

The company plans for a 2021 production run of 100 units, all of which already sold out, but reservations are being accepted for the 2022 batch.

RM1s are handcrafted at the Coventry facility and are only available on the mainland United Kingdom. They cost £4,995 (which converts to around US$6,600).

With such an afforabdle price, the RM1 will be a contender for the likes of Sondors MetaCycle, the recent Volcon Grunt, and the upcoming NIU RQi

Crafted to be light, maneuverable, clean and quiet.

We’ll deliver it to your door. We’ll service it at your door. Nothing between us, you, and the road.

Source: Maeving

2 thoughts on “Maeving Launch the RM1, a Retro Hand-Built Electric Café Racer

  1. Totally useless 40 mile per charge & 3.5 hours charging time. It won’t even get me to my nearest biker cafe & back home, wouldn’t even get me to my local beach which is 60 miles away a 1 hour ride! Will now take 4.5 hours to get there! Then repeated for return journey, total 11 hours to do 120miles. Hahahahaha, I’ll stick to my combustion engine that dose 70MPG & 120 miles in 2 hours!

  2. So cool! Looks awesome, proper retro. I might get this to get to work so my boss pays my electricity

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