Vmoto Soco Group Present the “Stash” – Premium Segment Electric – EICMA 2021

Vmoto Soco Stash

The Vmoto Soco Group debut their stylish looking Stash motorcycle, targeting new premium markets.

Vmoto Soco Group presented their new Stash model, created by C-Creative studio from Adrian Morton, at EICMA 2021. This is the company’s first entry into the premium segment, as well as into the most competitive markets in Europe and the United States.

Vmoto Soco Stash

The Vmoto Soco group has a great line up of models, and in the beginning of this year updated their full line with the TC Wanderer, TS Street Hunter and CU Mini. The company plans compliment this line with the Stash as the premium markets target model.

The Stash packs a powerful 6kW hub motor, and gets a top speed of 61mph (105 km/h). The battery pack of 72V 100Ah, or 7.1kWh, give it good range, while keeping it light. The sportive looks are complimented by 17″ wheels, and overall sharp and aggressive design of the bike is a great turnout by the designers.

With a range of 240-260km at a low speed of 45 km/h, so we can expect it to offer decent range for city use, even at higher speeds. The battery can be fully recharged in roughly 6 hours. 

Vmoto Soco Stash

The Stash has a large top storage compartment that can fit a full-face helmet. It weighs only 231lbs. (105 kilograms), which is lighter than we would expect, and should provide stability and easy manueverability. With a seat height of 785 mm, it is a comfortable bike for everyday use in city environments. 

A telescopic fork for front suspension, Single shock absorber at the rear, disc brakes for both wheels and CBS.

The Stash has a very smooth design, with accented sporty and aggressive features. It comes in black, gray and silver colors, but the price has not been revealed so far.

Source: Vmoto EICMA, SuperSoco UK FB

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