VMoto Super Soco 2021 Premier – the TS Street Hunter, TC Wanderer and CUmini

Super Soco 2021 premier unveils the TS Street Hunter as VMoto continue to produce excellent and affordable city rides.

The Super Soco 2021 premier event went online as many other companies performed their yearly updates in a digital event. Vmoto unveil their latest Super Soco model updates, the models are 125cc class bikes, as well as the CUmini 50cc scooter equivalent.

TS Street Hunter – The sportive

The lead unveil in this event was definitely the TS Street hunter, being the latest in design from the TS line, this is a more sportive looking option, that still gives the comfort of city rides and commuting.

the sporty lines and the ease of riding are typical of the product range designed for urban mobility and have made it the perfect companion for many young people

the sporty muscular lines reveal its nature as a sports bike inspired by the harsh street fighter world currently the new ts is the most sporty model of the Super Soco range…

Graziano Milone, President and Head of Strategy and Business Development – Super Soco

The TS Street Hunter comes packing a Hub motor with 2.5kW pushing 180Nm of torque. That’s a very good power ratio to the wheel, and gets max speed of 47mph (75km/h). Since the range metrics were only provided when riding @15mph, a real crawling speed of about 25km/h, we should take the ~125 miles (200km) figure with a grain of salt, as we think taking note of range is not particularly accurate at this point with this speed.

The Street Hunter runs on a dual battery pack, each of them is 60V 32Ah, coming to a 3.8kWh pack. Other details reveal 17 Inch Rims, with 100/ 80 tires up front, and rear 100/ 70, both Disc break use the CBS system for better braking and the front -rear suspension seems unchanged from the rest of Super Soco’s line of bikes. The front is an inverted fork, and rear monoshock, putting the seat at a great attack angle. The seat itself is triple density padding with improved ergonomics, and it definitely looks comfy.

the aerodynamic wings inspired by the racing world give the bike an aggressive appearance and make it more stable when riding. stability is also helped by the choice of a wide handlebar completely redesigned to offer the rider a sporty riding position but at the same time ergonomic and comfortable riding comfort is also insured by the sporty seat with triple

Graziano Milone, President and Head of Strategy and Business Development – Super Soco

Overall, the bike looks really good, it has all the right features of a sporty bike, and holds a small but suitable size motor for city commuting. It does have a more aggressive look and while the design is on par with the rest of Super-Soco’s line, it definitely is the most aggressive.

TC Wanderer – The new generation TC model

The more traditional looking TC Wanderer is a homage to classic motorcycles, with round shaped headlight, digital display that still looks like mechanical dials, wide and raised handlebars, caterpillar seats, all the elements of a classic model. The TC also has reduced charge time to just 3.5 hours, and a full aluminum cover to protect the engine and battery from mud and water. The design is traditional and classic all the way around.

When creating the new TC we were inspired by the idea to let the classic retro styling design to be combined with the newest and most innovative technology

wanderer represents the spirit of adventure and freedom

Graziano Milone, President and Head of Strategy and Business Development – Super Soco

CUmini – The 50cc Scooter

The Super Soco CUmini is a brand new model in their line up, for beginner level rider, as it has a speed limit of 28 mph (45 km/h). Still, CUmini uses a 600W hub motor in the rear wheel, with 12 inch wheels, allowing it pretty good efficiency. The company claims the mini has a consumption of less than 1.6 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers.

The CUmini is powered by a 48 volt 20 Ah battery pack, claimed to cover up to 60-70 kilometers on a single charge. As the battery weighs only 7.2 kilograms it can easily be removed and carried for easier charging. When using a standard domestic plug it takes about 7hours to fully charge. Another cool feature is the keyless starting mode, and parking mode for maneuvering in tight spaces.

Dedicated to a passionate clientele who love to have fun indeed its slogan is


Graziano Milone, President and Head of Strategy and Business Development – Super Soco

Source: Vmoto

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