Damon Motors and Auteco Mobility Join Forces to Deliver The Hypersport to Latin America and Develop Products Designed for The Local Market

Damon Auteco HyperSport

The partnership between Damon and Auteco aims to develop, manufacture and distribute premium electric motorcycles designed for the region, with the Damon HyperSport as the flagship opening.

Damon Motors announced today a strategic alliance with Auteco Mobility, Colombia’s 12 year leader in motorcycles, to bring the Damon HyperSport electric motorcycles to the Latin American market. In addition to that, the two companies join forces for sales and support of Damon-branded motorcycles, with development and manufacturing of new Damon products specifically designed for Latin American markets.

The flagship Damon HyperSport superbike will be the lead motorcycle delivered, and additional development of more products will follow, as the companies create dedicated models that suit the needs of local riders.

In addition to sharing the vision of electric mobility, the companies share the vision of safety. Auteco plans to license aspects of Damon’s CoPilot™ safety technology, and put it to great use in their own Victory (ICE) motorcycles. The Damon CoPilot system is the first adaptive 360 degree safety warning system.

Check out the official Damon & Auteco announcement video below.

“Damon and Auteco Mobility jointly believe we need to deliver significantly safer motorcycles, while accelerating a clean energy future,”

“With this shared vision of motorcycle electrification, we’re excited to introduce the Damon Experience to this new region and customize our innovation to create the quintessential Latin American Damon motorcycle brand.”

Jay Giraud, founder & CEO, Damon Motors.

Auteco has been a clear market leader in ICE motorcycles for more than 12 years in Colombia, with the brands Kawasaki, Victory, Piaggio and Kymco. The company was also a leader in electric motorcycles, bicycles and kick scooters. Auteco already has several electric models in their offerings, including Super Soco models and other scooter models, E-bikes and even electric skateboards.

Auteco offers Latin America’s largest network of exclusive dealers (over 800), workshops (over 550), and points of sale for spare parts (over 3,000). Auteco will leverage its years of market intelligence to collaborate with Damon in creating a purpose-built Latin America-specific Damon motorcycle. Auteco and Damon also plan to t execute a local sales strategy across Auteco’s expansive network.

“Damon’s high-performance HyperSport has captured the imagination of Latin American riders who crave safer, technologically-advanced, electric motorcycles,”

“Together with Damon Motors, we look to fulfill this market need and deliver an ultra-premium, North American EV product line for the next-generation of motorcyclists.”

said Jose Fernando Vasquez Gutierrez, chairman of the board, Auteco Mobility.

Damon’s CoPilot™ safety system:

With the plan to develop and manufacture additional models, specifically lighter powered electric 2-wheelers, fully equipped with the technology and connectivity features of the HyperSport. So far we know Damon motorcycles as Superbikes, and it would be highly interesting to see what lighter powered model they will come up with in the future.

Source: Damon, Auteco

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