Qianjiang Electric Vehicle Presented the QJ7000D at the 2021 Beijing Motor Show – Will this be a Benelli electric?

QJ7000D - Is this Benelli’s first electric motorcycle?

Qianjiang Electric Vehicle, a subsidiary of Qianjian Motorcycle, present their electric sport bike – The QJ7000D. Will this become an Electric Benelli model?

Zhejiang Qianjiang, the Chinese group of many brands, among them Benelli, is the owner of QJMotor and recently created the Qianjiang Electric Vehicle where it has large capital invested. Officially it was presented at the 2021 Beijing Motor Show, where the QJ7000D was also unveiled. This electric motorcycle could be marketed under the Benelli brand.

Qianjian Motorcycle Group Co., also known as Qianjiang Motorcycle, is a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1985 and located in Wenling City, Zhejiang Province. The traditional motorcycle manufacturing group has several holdings and brands, among these are Benelli, QJmotor, Keeway, and KSR. With products exported to 130 countries and regions.

Benelli, the Italian brand, was acquired by Qianjiang Motor Group in 2005 setting a precedent for cross-border mergers and acquisitions of domestic motorcycle companies. Since that, the brand has globally introduced some of the ICE models that were initially unveiled as QJmotor. This brings a good chance that the electric QJ7000D sportbike will eventually be introduced under the Benelli brand in the future.

The QJ7000D bike is equipped the with a mid-mounted motor, powered by a 72V, 60Ah – 4.32kWh battery pack. While the top speed is rated at 62 mph (105km/h), the battery range is claimed to be 100km. The faux gas tank, or rather storage tank, is showcased to have a place for your helmet, but being an open storage cabin, it may not hold much more than that.

QJMotor’s first electric bike looks attractive, with aggressive street bike lines but it’s also practical. Even the hardware package looks pretty decent with upside down forks, a rear monoshock, alloy wheels and a disc brake on both ends. It also has dual channel ABS, full-LED lighting and of course, Bluetooth connectivity.

QJ7000D - Is this Benelli’s first electric motorcycle?

If we try to crunch some numbers, from the battery pack to the range, and despite not knowing the weight of this bike, or the rider weight when performing the range tests (or friction drag, or grip force)- Still let’s try and get a rough estimated power range on this mid-mounted motor.

The battery stands at about 4.32kWh which means if the test speed was around 50km/h, reaching 100km and taking up 4.3kWh of charge – the motor size is 8kW (nominal). Running a similar calculation with a third of the top speed, assuming the range was tested at ~35km/h that means your motor was about 12kW which could also be a possible size, but a disappointing speed for range testing. Our expectations are for something around 10kW, that would be a minimal “right size” of motor for the battery on this QJ7000 model.

QJ7000D - Is this Benelli’s first electric motorcycle?

It remains to be seen what the full specification will be on this sportbike, and whether or not this will eventually be a Benelli electric motorcycle, but we will surely keep you posted.

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