Damon Motors Hits $35M in Preorders for The HyperSport Motorcycle

Damon Motors reaches a whopping $35M in Preorders for The HyperSport Motorcycle, also announcing the expansion of their executive team to support global demand.

Damon Motors announced they hit a new $35M milestone in preorders for its flagship HyperSport. This signals the great enthusiasm by riders for the company’s HyperSport electric motorcycle.

The company also announced the expansion of its leadership team with Broc TenHouten as chief strategy officer and board member, Chris Efstathiou as VP, supply chain, and Mike Galbraith as chief financial officer and senior VP, operations. The appointments come as the company moves into its next phase of global growth with ramped-up production and upcoming delivery of the critically acclaimed superbike. 

“Our goal is an ambitious one: we are committed to building a crashless future,”

“The $35 million in preorders validates that the HyperSport is delivering safety that riders want in two-wheel transportation today. To meet this demand, we have bolstered our experienced world-class team with Broc, Chris and Mike to continue to grow the company and deliver the first HyperSports to the road.”

said Jay Giraud, founder & CEO, Damon Motors.

Damon Motors already formed a strategic alliance with Auteco Mobility, Colombia’s 12 year leader in motorcycles, to bring the Damon HyperSport electric motorcycles to the Latin American market. In addition, the two companies will join forces for development and manufacturing of new Damon products specifically designed for Latin American markets.

Their flagship Damon Hypersport comes in 4 model types. With the limited Premier Edition, which carries all of the best features like Brembo breaks, Öhlins suspension, a single sided Swing-arm and of course the largest of battery packs at 20kWh. All the HyperSport motorcycles will use a 160kW (peak) motor, with their main differences being the HP output. The Damon SX gets 150 HP, compared to 200 HP on the HS, and 100 HP on the SE model.

Battery packs are the second differentiator, where the SX comes with a 15kWh, or an even more compact 11kWh for the SE model. The HS and Premier models both have a 20kWh pack, which is not only large, but charges back very fast.

The Damon HyperSport has been awarded and recognized, the company was awarded the GOOD DESIGN Award in the Green Transportation category for its flagship Hypersport superbike, and also received an Honorable mention in the 2021 Fast Company World Changing Idea Award.

Damon Motors expands their management team, to support global demand, filling several key positions to the company’s global growth.

The key positions Damon filled include a Chief Strategy Officer, VP supply chain and CFO – Senior VP operations, all of which are indeed critical roles for the company’s projected and desired global growth. These key positions were manned by experienced leaders with proven track records, and each will play a critical role in the progression of Damon Motors towards their goals.

The company has a highly anticipated product, and great plans for further development of lighter vehicles together with Auteco mobility, where the company plans to find mobility solutions for the specific needs of South America’s riders. In addition, they plan to license certain aspects of the Damon CoPilot system, the first adaptive 360 degree safety warning system, and put it to use in their own Victory (ICE) motorcycles.

Here’s what the new managerial team had to say on joining the company’s leadership:

Broc TenHouten, Chief Strategy Officer and Board Member

“Damon is set to transform the motorcycle industry by building the safest and most technologically advanced motorcycle company,”

“I’m excited to be part of the team that’s changing the way the world views motorcycle safety and the place of electrification in simultaneously achieving next-level performance and environmental sustainability.”

Broc TenHouten, chief strategy officer, Damon Motors.

 Chris Efstathiou, VP, Supply Chain

“As Damon builds the world’s most advanced motorcycles, it is imperative to bridge traditional automotive and high-tech supply chains to bring the motorcycles to market,”

“I look forward to generating production efficiencies and ultimately reducing cost to our riders.”

Chris Efsthathiou, VP, supply chain, Damon Motors.

Mike Galbraith, Chief Financial Officer, Senior VP, Operations

 “Since its launch of the HyperSport, Damon has been riding a wave of momentum, and is building toward becoming the next great Canadian company,”

“I am eager to unlock new markets and revenue, and aggressively scale the Damon business into a global mobility powerhouse.”

Mike Galbraith, CFO & senior VP, operations, Damon Motors.

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