Damon Hypersport HS – Electric Speedbike With The 200 Trio Effect

Damon Motorcycles – Hypersport HS is an electric speedbike with amazing power, range, and speed.

Damon Hypersport HS
Damon Hypersport HS –Image by Damon

Damon motorcycles, of Vancouver CA, still a seed stage company with a modest funding amount, with great ambitions and goals. They have put a focus on technology and bringing additional tech-features to their motorcycle. The result is an incredible speedbike, all electric, with specifications that can make you leave your ICE motorcycle behind.

Just look at that beast, the design is revealing for this electric model, it’s very clear this isn’t a gas bike. Still tradition has been kept, aerodynamics on the design looks great, and seating position looks comfortably right for speed. The color lines on the bike flow beautifully, and the fairings stick out with a nice curve that gives a pumped look.

The Damon HS has a trio of 200 specifications. It runs a top speed of 200 mph (320kmh), which is just astonishingly fast, just ask speed bike riders who actually ride at those speeds. That output comes form a 200hp -160kw motor that gets its juice from a big battery pack of 21kWh. These show that Damon really is about technology, using components that give strength, power and most importantly speed.

To top that, you would think such power output would put a handicap on the range, nonetheless the HS has a range of 200 miles. That combined with a charge time of < Three hours with level 2 chargers, and you have a great speedbike overall.

Now, if you’re not impressed so far just from seeing these numbers, let’s talk about cool technology then. Damon developed a co-pilot system, trademarked “COPILOTTM 360° AWARENESS” – that provides the rider with awareness and alerts them through handlebar feedback, LED lights integrated to the windshield, and uses 2X 1080p cameras. That brings the complimentary rider alerts and warning feedback that as Damon states uses Artificial intelligence.

“…CoPilot intuitively knows what’s around you at all times by tracking and warning riders of danger through haptic feedback on the handlebars, integrated LEDs on the windshield, and an always on 1080p rearview camera…” Damon Motorcycles.

Damon have the HS on pre order, with a small $100 deposit for the Hypersport HS, or $1000 for the “premier” customized designs, which gives riders the option of customized design colors. It’s stated on Damon website that quantities are limited, but not clear how many units will be available in total.

Damon Hypersport HS
Damon Hypersport HS –Image by Damon

Full Specification:

0-60MPH< 3 Seconds
Range200+ Miles
(combined hwy + city)
Charge Time< 3 hrs @ Level 2
SuspensionOehlins Advanced Suspension Technology
Swing ArmSingle sided
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Dual Rotor 300mm Discs
Single Disc
WeightUnder 440 lbs
MotorPMAC Liquid Cooled 160 kW peak
BatteryLiquid Cooled 21.5 kWh
Damon Motorcycles

Via: Damon Motorcycles

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