Damon Motors Raises $30M; Secures $20M in Preorders

Damon Motors closes $30M funding round and bolsters board of directors with Jaques Clariond and Howard Wu

Damon Motors announced a funding raise of over $30M, the expansion of their board of directors with 2 additional members, and an impressive boost from Pre-Order sales, that secured grand total of $20M for the line of HyperSport motorcycles. The capital raised will further push Damon with their strategy and enable demo tours, pre-production development and testing, and associated hires.

The company is highly anticipated among riders, particularly in the electric 2-wheel space. That clearly also shows with a figure of $20M in pre-orders secured. To try and put things in perspective, with a price range of $16,995 to $39,995 (HyperSport SE vs. the HyperSport Premier), that’s anywhere from 500-1176 units.

“We have unveiled the future of two-wheel transportation and yielded high demand in North America and Europe, validating the market need for high-performance electric motorcycles,”

“On the back of this demand, Damon will produce an entire line of medium- and high-performance motorcycles over the next few years, with HyperDrive serving as the core of each model.”

Jay Giraud, founder & CEO at Damon Motors

The Damon HyperSport runs a top speed of 200 mph (320km/h), and this output comes from a 200hp -160kw motor powered by a big battery pack of 21kWh, liquid cooled. To top that, you would think such power output would limit the range, yet the HS has a range of 200 miles. That, combined with a charge time of < Three hours with level 2 chargers, and you have a great sportbike overall.

Damon Motors’s unique co-pilot system, trademarked “COPILOTTM 360° AWARENESS” – provides the rider with awareness and alerts through a handlebar feedback, LED lights integrated to the windshield, as well as using 2X 1080p cameras.

“…CoPilot intuitively knows what’s around you at all times by tracking and warning riders of danger through haptic feedback on the handlebars, integrated LEDs on the windshield, and an always on 1080p rearview camera…”

The $30M in funding, was led by Benevolent Capital, SOL Global Investments, Zirmania, and others. Damon has also expanded its board of directors with the additions of two members: Jaques Clariond and Howard Wu.

Jaques Clariond – Jaques is a Managing Partner at Baudpont and serves in Senior Advisor roles at Blue Ivy Ventures and Benevolent Capital.

Howard Wu – Howard is the Global Head of Telecom and the General Manager for Quanta Cloud Technology USA. In his career, Howard has managed global business and regions from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Source: Damon Motors

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