CAKE and California’s West Coast EV announce joint venture


The partnership with West Coast EV is CAKE’s first authorized US retail location, service center and test track, in California’s central valley.

The Swedish CAKE announce their first retail partnership in the US, with West Coast EV. The partnership will include a retail dealership, a service center, and the very first CAKE US-Based test track. With West Coast EV facility is based in McFarland, CA, on the I-99 corridor of California’s Central Valley. The expected opening date will be Fall of 2021.

West Coast EV, a division of C2F Energy Group, is an E-mobility & battery electric vehicles (BEV) transportation retailer.

West Coast EV aims to become California’s premier EV electric powersports supercenter. With their mission to promote California’s mandate to zero-emission battery electric transportation. Aligned with the move to 100% electric vehicles on the new California electric highway by 2030, West Coast EV also want to expand its deployment of solar to battery storage EV (EVCS) charging stations. These EVCS stations will accommodate electric bicycle, motorbike, passenger, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles such as Volvo, International and Tesla. The Swedish Gigafactory battery maker NorthVolt will supply batteries to CAKE’s electric motorcycles and the planned charging stations used in West Coast EV’s battery storage systems.

CAKE is known for customized motorbikes, for multipurpose and excellent utilization. Not only the Ösa, which is fully personalized, but also with the CAKE Kalk recently being modified to a Kalk AP (Anti-Poaching) model. The Kalk AP is a special edition Kalk that has been optimized for rangers working to protect wildlife in the African bush.

CAKE continues its ‘Explore with Respect’ mission, with clean energy for exploring nature without the negative impact. On top of the track and retail experience, West Coast EV wants to utilize CAKE motorbikes to offer an ‘Eco-Tour’ of the surrounding area:

with rides through rolling grape vineyards as well as local almond and pistachio farms. Additional excursions will be offered to explore the natural wonders of the nearby Sequoia National Forest, lakes and parks. The goal is to allow customers to experience the joy of clean, quiet exploration and to further CAKE’s ‘Explore with Respect’ mission while educating individuals about the delicate balance between climate change and its impact on nature, agriculture, and food supply.

Cake Kalk electric motorcycle
Cake Kalk electric motorcycle

“Establishing a home-base in Southern California with West Coast EV is an incredibly important part of bringing CAKE to the masses,”

“We are particularly excited about the test track and Eco-Tour ride experience as there is no better way to understand the magic of electric transportation and CAKE motorbikes than by having the experience of riding without disturbing or polluting.”

CAKE founder and CEO, Stefan Ytterborn

“We know that adoption and use of zero-emission electric vehicles has a tremendous impact on lowering greenhouse gas emissions and carbon emissions. The easy adoption of personal electric bikes can absolutely transform the green transportation revolution,”

“By bringing CAKE’s electric vehicles along with their last mile E-delivery solutions to the Central Valley, we’re going to be able to create jobs, while showing people that meeting California’s goal of net zero-emissions by 2030 is not only possible, but also incredibly fun.”

JD Gessin, Sustainable energy entrepreneur and founder of West Coast EV.

Source: CAKE

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