Cake Ösa Lite And Ösa+ Award Winner – Electric Motorcycle Review

The Ösa received the German Design Award for good reasons, it offers a functional tool, with many options to choose from.

The Cake Ösa has one of the most unique designs, with simplicity, ingenuity and practical engineering that makes it a great vehicle. It has won the prestigious German Design Award 2021 for the design features and innovation. This electric motorcycle is powered by a 10kW motor, and has a battery selection of 1.5kWh or 2.5kWh – the difference of 30Ah or 50Ah. The motor pushes 42Nm on shaft and 151Nm on wheel in torque, and the Ösa will go up to a top speed of 30mph (45kmh). With that, it only weighs 143 lb (65kg) and has a great customization option all over, let’s check those out.

Ösa Offers you an additional passenger seat, a rear basket – in 3 variations, front basket, dry bags and side quiver and tools-rack as well. Everything can be stylishly placed on the ‘bench’ resembling frame that was inspired by the work bench. Cake Ösa is a customized fun motorcycle, that gives you power for the drive, and makes it your own with customization. Check out the video below by Cake.

Ösa has two main variations – street legal Ösa+ and the off road Ösa Lite. The price difference is from a starting price of $6,500 for the Lite and $8,500 on the Ösa+. From those starting prices, you can add any of the additional configurations, and that would be a price of up to $14,000.

Video by CAKE

Cake produces great designs, and won several awards. The company out of Sweden distributes to North America, United Kingdom, Australia and of course across many European countries.

Via: Cake

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