Tacita T-Race Rally – Electric Motorcycle Review

Tacita Trace Rally
Tacita T-race Rally – Image by Tacita

Tacita T-Race Rally is a proven competitor with track records of the big boys.

The T-Race Rally was the first electric motorcycle to race in 2012 at the Merzouga Rally in Morocco. It has since taken part also in Dakar 2020 Qiddiya Grand Prix, and the Tacita T-Race rally model is quite good. With up to 44kw of power, and a battery pack of (again, up to) 18kWh, the T-Race Rally is powerful and goes a long way in range at 22km.

“Developed in the desert, tested in the hardest roads and tracks of the Italian Alps, it’s is also ideal for your daily life.” Via: Tacita

As Tacita does with its motorcycle line, the models are configurable with battery and motor power, allowing a range of prices and performance for the riders. Tacita uses a PMAC motor on the T-Race Rally, starting with battery packs of 15kWh on 11kW motor, which is the smaller model, at a price point of € 19.098. The top performer, is the massive 18 kWh battery pack with a 44 kW motor and 100Nm of torque. There are two additional selections for 27kW and 34kW motors, which both come with the 18kWh battery as well.

Tacita Trace Rally

Tacita’s gearbox of 5 speed gearbox with hydraulic clutch, which optimizes power usage and claimed to increase ranges gives the T-Race Rally a range of 135 miles (220km). It will charge in 3 hours with the 16A charging power. The T-Race Rally has upside-down telescopic hydraulic fork on front suspension and rear suspension is a progressive link with a fully adjustable suspension unit.

The T-Race rally is meant to make no excuse, and take part in the toughest of conditions, showing ICE motorcycles that electric power is a worthy opponent. Tacita offers their motorcycle in United-States, Germany, Belgium, England and Israel.

Check out Tacita’s Dakar Video.

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