Z Electric Vehicle – ZEV Motorcycles MS Model- Review

ZEV M13S M15S MSX – Image by ZEV

Z Electric Vehicle USA offers 3 models in this line, M-13S, M-15S and pre-order on the MS-X model.

ZEV M-S line is a variation no the battery size, which offers 8.4-12.6kWh battery, and uses a 55kw Hub motor rated for continuous power output of 15 kw. The ZEV M-S is a great full fairing design, suitable for a road commuter or speed bike. This affordable line up starts at $12490, with a bike offering 70 miles of range, and 80mph (127kmh) top speed.

ZEV (Z Electric Vehicle)has its track record as a manufacturer in the US since 2010, with expenditure potential to many more markets as their motorcycles are affordable, simple and strong. ZEV is based out of Morgantown, WV – but is now spread out to markets like US, Australia, Europe and Asia.

ZEV M13S M15S MSX – Image by ZEV

The ZEV MS models all come suited with similar specifications, and the only main variance is the battery. The motor is an in wheel hub motor with oil cooling, and uses a 3 speed touch button controller that controls both amps and volts and has a reverse function. The battery selection options start from the M13-S model with the more modest 8.4kWh pack. The M15-S comes with 9.2kWh pack, and lastly the MS-X with 12.6kWh.

The range of course varies for these models, starting from 70 miles (112km) for the smaller M13-S and it’s smaller battery pack. While the M15-S will take a small leap to a range of 80 miles (128km), the MX-S model will be at a much higher 110 miles (176km) of range.

These three models will be offered starting at $12,490 for the M13-S, $13,900 on the M15-S, and a $17,900 on the larger sized battery model, that carries a 12.6kWh.

The full specification for all M-S models as provided from ZEV motorcycle:

Peak power motor output rating 55 kw
Motor Design – In wheel hub motor with oil cooling. 11.77 inches OD at the air gap.   
Battery type – 100 ah cells, LFMP.
Controller – 650 amp, regen, 3 speed touch button controls both amps and volts. Reverse function.
Front brake – right hand control, dual 260 mm discs, dual twin piston radial caliper
Rear brake – right foot control, single 220 mm disc, dual piston caliper.
Charging time – 4.5 hours on 110 v, 3.25 on 220 v  
Charger – Switch between 220 and 110 volt input. Not built into the bike. 15 amps, 1580 watts.
Wheel Size – 17 inch front and rear, 3.5 rim width
Tire Size – Front 110/70-17, Rear 130/70-17
Seat height – 29.9 inches
Wheelbase – 55.74 inches / 1416 mm
Tire Speed Rating H, 130 mph / 210 kmh
Tire Load Rating front 467 lb, rear 584 lb
37 mm lower front fork tubes.
Every bike has both a side and a center stand.
Reverse mode.
Street tires, rain oriented.

Via: ZEV motorcycles

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