China VOGE And The ER10 – Electric Motorcycle Review


VOGE China has a goal of being a leader in high-quality motorcycles under its brand.

VOGE is yet another Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, and not only for electric models. Their line includes the previous ICE models – Street, Sport, Adventure, classic, and now an E-motorcycle. VOGE is a ‘high-end’ subsidiary of Loncin Motorcycles – a part of a much larger holdings group.

VOGE is positioning itself as a high end brand, offering a few models, that have superior design looks to any models that come out of the standard Loncin line. In our taste at least. They have ICE models that were intended to appeal to the more prestige pursuing audiences. With the ER10, VOGE will try to take part in the market expenditure that is happening in South East Asia over the past few year, and is expected to continue well into 2026. VOGE will attempt to get their share of high end consumers.

The ER10 will run on a DC motor, 60V/6Kw, powered with a 70Ah, 60V battery. That’s a pack equal to roughly 4.3kWh. Nonetheless, the above motor can peak at 14kw, and push out torque of 42Nm. on VOGE’s site, it says the expected top speed of the ER10 will be 60 mph (100kmh), and that’s with carrying a 75kg rider weight. Now I’m not sure about you, but 165 pound rider, is not a lot… That basically means you will lose power and a bit of max speed, if you are over that weight.

The VOGE ER10 overall curb weight will be 115kg, which does make it light. It has good ratio for the overall design, with 80cm seat height, 17cm ground clearance, and 2 meters length all across. At cruising speeds of 30kmh, it will be expected reach 74 miles or 120km, a decent range for commuters, or in city rides.

The ER10 comes fitted with tubeless tire, disc brakes- front and read, LED headlight, tail light and turn signals, Digital meter, Up-side-down suspensions on the front and single shock on the rear, ABS system, keyless start, and a USB port. All that with being priced in at around $4,800, making it quite affordable, and sounds worthy to what you pay.

VOGE ER10 – Image by VOGE


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