Voge ER Will Finally Come To Europe


Voge, the premium Chinese manufacturer of both ICE and the electric ER10 motorcycle, is finally coming to Europe

VOGE is one of the premium branded Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, and not only for electric models. Their line includes the previous ICE models – Street, Sport, Adventure, classic, and for quite some time now, an E-motorcycle. VOGE is a ‘high-end’ subsidiary of Loncin Motorcycles – a part of a much larger holdings group.

We have covered the specs for the Voge ER before, and you can check out the full specs here.

The ER10 will run on a DC motor, 60V/6kW, powered with a 70Ah, 60V battery. That’s a pack equal to roughly 4.3kWh. Nonetheless, the above motor can peak at 14kw, and push out torque of 42Nm.

On VOGE’s website, the top speed mentioned for the ER10 is 60 mph (100kmh), and that’s with carrying a 75kg rider weight. About 165 pound rider weight, which basically means you will lose power and a bit of max speed, if you are over that weight.

The VOGE ER10 curb weight stands at 115kg, which means it is a light bike with good power ratio. 80cm seat height, 17cm ground clearance, and 2 meters length all across, are quite standard measures for this naked type bike.

At cruising speeds of 30kmh, it will be expected reach 74 miles or 120km, a decent range for commuters, or in city rides. And the price, of course, is quite the attractive €6590 ($8,011 USD), making it very affordable even if it is higher than the local (China) price of about $5000 USD.


The new ER-10 from Voge is currently only available in Italy, in one color – called Sparkling Black. Word from the German importer von Voge, that the ER-10 is not currently available in Germany. But this will definitely mark a stepping point for Voge to continue and expend to more countries in Europe.

Source: Motorrad

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