Colorado based Zaiser Motors launches crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder for their Electrocycle™

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The Electrocycle cruiser will be the Zaiser motors’ first entry into the growing electric motorcycle market

Zaiser Motors, a Colorado based startup is opening a croudfunding campaign as their entry with a first model electric motorcycle. The company has already trademarked the name the Zaiser Motors Electrocycle ™ for their first model, an all-wheel-drive motorcycle, powered by hub motors on both wheels.

The company only recently incorporated, and now announced the official Wefunder campaign initiation, to bolster the development and production of its electric motorcycle.

“This fundraising campaign is just the first step in our efforts to electrify motorcycling, protect our planet and positively impact the lives of as many people as possible,” said “Together, our team’s excellent craftsmanship and technological innovation will deliver an Electrocycle™ that is more exciting, cheaper to build, safer and better for the environment than anything available today.”

Anthony Cross, Zaiser Motors’ co-founder and CEO.

Zaiser Motors plans to use the Wefunder platform to gather the initial investments in order to design, manufacture and distribute the Electrocycle™ to early adopting customers. The Zaiser Motors Electrocycle itself will have a twin-hub-powered motor, which can only be found on the Ubco utility bikes until now. But this motorcycle is definitely not a light vehicle, this is planned to be a full on cruiser, with 300 miles of range, dual motor power and 120 mph top speed claims.

The stylish design stands out from the crowd, but it’s a love it or hate it game for futuristic designs like this. The initial design render seems to have a long wheelbase, fairings across the rear fenders with multiple shark fin on the rear.

The seat seems just as long as the wheelbase, and there still is a faux fuel tank, possibly for storage space. But given that this is the initial render, and no specs are even discussed, the actual prototype remains to be seen.

The initial funding will be used to test and optimize a production design of the company’s first electric motorcycle. Zaiser Motors are aiming at a range of 300-miles, which could be one of the reasons for the design, as they will need serious battery power to support such range.

The twin-hub motor design will possibly provide some reduced energy consumption, if optimized correctly, and that would be a different and innovative approach for getting long ranges on big wheel motorcycles.

zaiser motors

The company also plans to have interchangeable battery packs, and proprietary stabilization and traction control systems, a technology aspect that more companies put focus on in recent years and months. Lead by companies like Arc Vehicle, who were the first to devise a haptic sound system, integrated to the helmet-jacket, Damon Motors, developing AI co-pilot system, driving assists and more. Many companies are looking to improve safety for the riders, using technology and rapid analysis made possible in recent years.

The Zaiser Electrocycle is planned to have a starting price point of under $25,000. That puts this motorcycle in the brackets of the Harley Livewire, Damon, Zero, Energica, and so many others, that proving the price is actually worth it remains for Zaiser to bring to reality.

“At Zaiser Motors, we emphasize sustainability, the right to repair and safety. We recognize that traditional internal-combustion motorcycles are currently being phased out, and the existing electric motorcycle market leaves new rider demand underserved,”

“By making use of existing safety systems, years of electric motor innovations and aerospace-quality composites for safety, speed and style, our state-of-the-art  Electrocycle is the safest and most rider-oriented electric motorcycle available.

Our aim is to recycle most (if not all) of our components within the first 10 years of production. Additionally, we believe a core element in established motorcycling culture is the ability to work on a bike yourself, which is why we plan to adopt a ‘right to repair’ service philosophy.”

Anthony Cross, Zaiser Motors’ co-founder and CEO.

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About Zaiser Motors

Zaiser Motors is a Colorado-based technology leader rethinking what an electric motorcycle could be. Committed to safety, sustainability and innovation, Zaiser redefined the design criteria for electric motorcycles by developing the world’s first Electrocycle™. The world’s first twin-hub electric motorcycle with a 300-mile range available for less than $25,000. 

Source: Globalnewswire, Zaiser Motors, WeFounder, US Pto

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