BMW Definition CE 04 Spotted Testing Ahead of Production

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The BMW Definition CE 04, electric maxi scooter, was spotted out and about, testing ahead of the full production line will be released.

BMW’s Definition CE 04 electric scooter was just recently announced as part of the company’s plans for electric models. With the recent spotting of this electric BWM out and about, testing, shows that it may enter full production soon.

Even though no official statement was made regarding the production line initiation, the Definition CE 04 was seen driving around, in an all black outfit, quite a contrast to the official white design officially presented.

The design can not be mistaken, this BMW scooter has a great look even on all black, seemingly something out of a batman movie.

Image Gallery by Decoches.blogspot :

The concept scooter was first revealed in November 2020, when the BMW Definition CE 04 made a striking impression with its design lines, aggressive urban looks and connectivity features.

The concept scooter is all about urban mobility, and even though official specs are not released, This comes after several hints on coming designs from BMW in the electric space, revealed from patent filings.

The electric BMW Definition CE 04 shot appear to show that the testing is done on the latest design that will eventually be the production design for the BWM first electric scooter.

The official BMW launch Images:

This spotting was initially published on an auto blog, only to spread out as with any BMW news. We can’t wait to see this great looking scooter at its official production line state, running out on the streets.

BMW continues to file patents related to electric mobility, and we expect to see more to come from the company throughout the year.

Source: Decoches.blogspot

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