BMW Motorrad files 11 Patents In Germany – Electric Based Or Related

At least 9 of those BWM fillings had a clear connection to DC. BWM may need those for the concept Roadster Electric motorcycle.

BMW Vision DC Roadster – Image by BMW

BMW motorrad has filed 11 patents, which seems to be directly related to them going into electric motorcycles. It is a well anticipated move, since the BMW team presented their concept electric motorcycle – the Vision DC Roadster – back in June of 2019. As we first saw when it was announced, the design will remains distinct to BMW, while a closer look would then reveal it being all electric.

These patent filling may mean several things for the BMW motorrad and their future plans. It is estimated that the reason for filing several different patents could mean different versions of the Vision Roadster, possibly having several version of motors, powertrains or other component variations that will reflect into models like touring, street, roadster and more.

BMW Vision DC Roadster – Image by BMW

Other patents also revealed a covered scooter design, that is possibly an additional future electric scooter to be under their CE series, although the officials at BMW have yet to fully reveal their plans. Nonetheless, by these recent developments, it is clear that BMW are stepping in fast and strong into electric motorcycle designs, which may very well put them in the forefront with their high quality products.

BMW press release from July 2019 – First introducing the Vision DC Roadster.

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