Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon 01 and Falcon BLK

The US made Falcon 01 and Falcon BLK by Cleveland Cyclewerks – simplicity and power.

Falcon BLK – image by Cleaveland CycleWerks

Cleveland CycleWerks (CCW) lately revealed their new additions to the CCW family, and all electric Falcon models. After over 10 years of manufacturing and selling their motorcycles worldwide, they took a leap forward into electric motorcycles with these two great models.

Falcon 01 –image by Cleaveland CycleWerks

Starting off, it’s always great to see more US based manufactures seize the opportunity in electric motorcycles, even more so with such quality of production. It is a great pleasure to cover these awesome models, with hopes to see even more from the great minds at CCW.

The design is simple, streight forward and sleek. It brings prices that are increadibly affordable, as the Falcon 01 is priced at $8,000 and the Falcon BLK stands at $15,000. Did we say it’s affordable? That’s exactly what CCW were aiming at. They created an easy to ride, fun to ride, machine that is made for the common folk.

Don’t think that gives these great fun rides any less power or range, not at all. The Falcon BLK packs a 13kW engine force, from a 4.4kWh batter pack. That’s pushing 39Nm of torque right out, and it can go for 160 miles (256km) if you take it easier on it. If you want to stress it out, it will still get you to 100 miles of range, which is just fine for most rides.

Falcon drive train – image by Cleaveland CycleWerks

All the bits and pieces of this bike are street legal, which makes it an optional rated ‘e-bike’, a moped or as we prefer, an electric motorcycle. This does depend on the configuration you go with. Taking the obvious motorcycle configuration, it will go up to 80 miles (128km) per charge with the Falcon 01. 

The Falcon 01 is also power limited (we know how that sounds, it’s not that bad, really..) and ‘governed by law’ on it’s peak torque. It will still get you an easy 65mph top speed (105 kph) and considering the price this baby is still a great ride option.

Another great benefit from this motorcycle is that charging time can get you to 80 percent capacity in just 45 minutes with their ‘Cleveland charger’. And believe it or not, that is on a regular house outlet. To get it all the way up to 100 percent will take you another full 45 minutes.

Falcon – simplicity in design. image by Cleaveland CycleWerks

Via: Cleaveland Cyclewerks

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