Arc Vector – High Performance New Age Café Racer.

The Exclusive and limited Arc Vector will only offer 399 units but also a ton of performance.

Arc Vector – Imgae by Arc

The Arc Vector is one of the most impressive examples in the all electric motorcycle industry. It’s standing tall with the price tag of £90,000 which is just over the $115,000 mark. But hey, now that we got that out of the way, let’s really see what the Arc Vector has to offer, which is a lot.

Exclusivity is one of their key aspects, and that’s backed by patented technologies that bring this electric motorcycle to the cutting edge of hi-tech. On their website, it is stated that only 399 units will be produced of this masterpiece of a motorcycle. The Arc Vector features innovative chassis technology, it’s a high-performance electric motorcycle, designed as a “neo-café racer”, and it brings a smooth design with its batteries and motor cased monocoque. It has a captivating look, and a pretty impressive outline that keeps to more traditional designs, while still pushing it to the unique.

Arc collaborates with MotoGP-supplier Riba to make a carbon-fiber swingarm.The way this is installed in an angle that’s pretty much horizontal, is capturing. This brings about a very new age design, one like you have not seen before. Suspension and spring position is out of the ordinary, and it gives a feeling of an aerospace design. Arc outputs 147Nm of torque, an astonishing 133 horsepower produced by its 399 V motor and battery pack of 16.8kWh. This results in a motorbike that weighs 485 pounds (220kg), pushing the rider all the way from 0-60 in an astounding 3 seconds.

The Vector will be capable of 270 miles (436 km) as stated on Arc’s website, and the top speed is 150 mph (240kmh). The Arc Vector also has variable power modes, traction control and a head-up display when combined with an Arc helmet, their Zenith helmet’s collaboration. This is yet another unique offering by Arc, their “Arc Pilot System” will give feedback and notifications to the rider, freeing you to ride and be focused on the road while the AI assists. This is achieved by integrated vibrations to a system integrated in the jacket, warning when a vehicle approaches from the rear or when a hazard nears from the sides. Combined with a helmet HUD, it makes the Arc Vector a real high tech motorcycle that we could only see in movies up until now.

Some technical and dimension as stated on Arc’s website:

  • Volume/Voltage – 399
  • Wheelbase – 1450
  • Seat Height – 840
  • Clutchless Single Gear Transmission
  • ABS
  • Traction Control
  • Adaptive Regen
  • Unique Arc Front End Suspension and Steering
  • High Efficiency LED Lighting
  • Different Selectable Ride and Environment Modes

Via: ArcVehicle

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