Johammer J1 – Electric With Style Like No Other

The unique design of Johammer J1 is an electric masterpiece

Johammer J1 – image by Johammer

The Johammer J1, is an electric motorcycle out of the Austrian electric mobility company, and it’s is like nothing else we have seen. It Takes traditional motorcycle design to an extreme. Maybe except for having just two wheels and saddle and a bar. The rest of the Johammer J1 is designed from top to bottom with ingenuity and thinking out of the box. The result was a bit overwhelming for us to grasp at first, being so accustom to motorcycle traditional designs, but the J1 has a design is an acquired taste. It eventually grew on us to love it.

It’s also acknowledged by Johammer, that the design was done from ground up.

“Everything that benefits our customers on the road is the result of our consistent innovation concept. A Johammer bike not only looks different, it really has been designed from scratch from the ground up.” – Johammer

Johammer J1 – image by Johammer

Starting with the Johammer decision on motor, the J1 uses a DC-excited synchronous motor with single-stage transmission, both submerged in sealed oil bath, which makes maintenance obsolete as claimed by the manufacturer. This approach for innovation proceeds into their unique powertrain that gives continuous power output @11kW and Peak power output @ 16kW. That power comes from the 72V battery, operating between 60V and 82V, reaching a max. capacity 12.7 kWh.

The bike is entirely framed in polypropylene, over it’s aluminum-framed chassis, making the Johammer J1 look like it comes right out of the movies. It incorporates regenerative braking that allows recapturing some energy, and has a lower position saddle that makes it a comfortable ride, with really good handling.

It’s improved model the J1.200 has a range of 124 mile (200 km) while the standard J1.150 has a range of 93 miles (150 km). Both models are electronically limited to a speed of 75mph (120kmh), while the J1.200 has a slightly larger battery of 12.7kWh capacity, compared to it’s sibling with 8.3kWh. That brings it a speed of 0-60 mph in 4 seconds no the J1.150, and just about 3.5 seconds for the J1.200.

Charging time is right about 2.5 hours for a standard charger, while a fast charge can go as fast as 40 minutes, even for the larger capacity 12.7kWh battery pack, and these two ground breaking models didn’t seem to gain too much weight from being so innovative. The J1.15 has a curb weight of 350lb (159kg), while the J1.200 is just over that with 390 lb (177kg).

Johammer J1 – image by Johammer

For an electric motorcycle that has real technology innovation put into it, and a clear unique way of standing out, the price tag is where we found this motorcycle to be of real interest. It’s not cheap, but we could easily justify even a bigger price. For the existing competitors, it still is in the top range of pricing, with the J1.150 starting just over $27,000 (converted from Euro), and the J1.200 starts with about $29,370. We told you it’s not cheap.

Via: JoHammer

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