The Coveted Arc Vector – A Look Under The Hood

Arc Vector

The innovative and coveted Arc Vector shows off its unique design under the hood.

The coveted Arc Vector is one of the leading electric motorcycles when it comes to technology and innovation. We previously had an in-depth interview with Mark Truman, CEO and founder of Arc Vehicle, where we really dug into the incredible aspects of technology on this motorcycle.

Back then, just about a year back, Arc has set the target to start delivering Arc’s first Arc Vector motorcycles in about 12 months, which came to be just as they expected. With a lucky group of only 10 initial owners for the first round of production.

Now, the team at Arc released more details as they come to production with the Vector, showing off a motorcycle that is meant to be a “unicorn on the road”, a sight that you surely won’t see every day, with the exclusivity and extreme level of customization, you can also expect that each Vector coming out of the doors at Arc, would be a distinct piece with style of its own.

Each Vector the company produces, is tailor made to its owners. Not only for size, and for style, but also custom manufacturing everything from foot pegs, designing unique color schemes for each customer, selecting specific materials to fit their needs and more.

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So, let’s take a glimpse under the hood of the mighty Arc Vector, seen naked without its top panel and motor covers, the battery monocoque shows how Arc eliminates the need for a frame, with components connecting directly to the carbon fiber battery module. This approach actually reduces the need for light materials for the frame, as the battery module IS the frame.

An incredibly simple and elegant design, a new age representation for a Café-Racer breaking the standards of what has been done so far. Running on a 95kW motor, producing 148Nm of torque that pushes a top speed of 150 mph (240 km/h), the Vector will still run a range of 271 miles (436 km) on a battery pack of 16.8kWh.

“The architecture featured in the images is now production ready and a number of production spec Vector motorcycles will be out in Spain for final sign off and homologation over the coming months”. Asked about sales, Truman revealed “We have a very healthy order book and customers are already going through our new commissioning suite in Central England to individually tailor each Vector motorcycle so that they are all unique.

Arc’s Founder and CEO Mark Truman
Arc Vector

Willing to throw away anything that is not absolutely mandatory, such as front forks, or chassis all together, allowed Arc to create a unique vehicle with it’s own steering systems, suspension system, and the innovation does not stop there.

Read – Our full interview with Mark Truman, CEO and Founder of Arc Vehicle.

These are the type of moves we see now coming out in the 4-wheel space by companies like Tesla. Their latest designs include more single molds of frame, improving their performance and range.

“…You can’t just take what someone else has done before, and presume that that is the right thing, and than start delivering it. So for me everything really has to start with the math and a blank piece of paper and proof that that is the direction that you should be taking… in a new world of electric motorcycles where we don’t need a frame to cradle an engine anymore, than why have one? all it does is cost you weight, takes up package space, and then forces you to cover the bike with lots of fairings…”

Ever since its debut in EICMA 2018, the Vector has proven to be an eye catching bike to riders of all ages and geographies. Its a presentation for unique engineering, highest quality of materials, and high performance. But with that, the Arc Vector has an exclusive approach to the riding experience which brought them several other patented technologies.

The “human machine interface” was a concept Mark wanted to put a true emphasis on, bringing the riding experience at the heart of the Arc Vector’s technology. The Arc Jacket uses a haptic sound system, that sends vibrations to the rider alerting and signaling with an increasing intensity as the level of danger (say, too much G force on a turn) increases. Similarly, existing systems like ABS are used for their data, to determine hard breaking, riders position and more.

In addition, Arc developed a helmet HUD (Heads-Up-Display) to provide further riding assistance, as part of the technology stack that was developed right from the beginning of the project. This allows for the alerting to happen not only for visually sensed dangers, but also using sensors on the bike to notice G force for acceleration, braking and turning.

Arc developed and planned this technology from day one, looking for an exclusive riding experience, that will enthuse riders even on a silent machine, something we often hear about electric motorcycles, which lack gear shifting functions.

Arc Vector

Despite the price tag, of course spending around $120,000 on your motorcycle isn’t for everyone, the Arc Vector remains one of our top favorites, and with such a customizable build process, it’s a rider statement to own a Vector. It will surely be a motorcycle that you will turn your head if you see rolling down the streets.

Source: Arc Vehicle, Arc LinkedIn

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