Honda ESV: Riding-Assist First Demonstration

Honda ESV Riding-Assist

Honda ESV demonstrates Riding-Assist technology of a self-balancing bike.

Honda ESV stand for “Experimental Safety Vehicle”, and now Honda ESV Riding-Assist makes its debut as the company has been actively working on Auto-Pilot technology for motorcycles. In a recent video the company unveils a self balancing bike, that recognizes the motion of the rider on the bike, and controls the center of gravity, keeping it up straight.

We first heard about Honda’s interest in motorcycle Riding-Assist in November of 2020, with the company’s patent revealing auto-steering and assisted riding. Back then, most of the clues hinted at cruise control and radar assist systems, but the video reveal shows something completely different.

The ESV is an early stage vehicle, demonstrating the ability to prevent the bike from tipping over and the rider from falling, a huge safety feature for any rider. The bike seems to be equipped with many sensors, from front to rear, including on the motorcycle crash-guards.

These allow the systems to recognize the rider and bike position, and tip-over angle, making all the calculations needed to keep the bike up right at all times.

Except for the ability to balance the rider when the bike comes to a full stop, additional balance assist comes into action at low speeds, allowing a turn at low speed while the motorcycle balances itself and the rider mid-turn. Reversing is possible with both feat on the foot pegs, although seems to be done in pretty low speed.

The rear swingarm design was one of the things that grabs the eye. It appears to also play a role in the sensory system, but in addition to that, has a design of its own. It connects to the rear shock and to the frame at the bottom of the bike, with a 90° angle up, then another 90° back and with an angle down towards the center of the rear wheel. Honda took quite a different approach to the traditional swingarm design.

HONDA ESV – Experimental Safety Vehicle Demo Video:

Video by Honda Global

The ESV looks to manage the corners and figure 8 turns while balancing the rider on it while running quite low speeds, and this was a great demonstration from Honda, although only being in experimental stages.

Honda will likely continue to refine their design and technology, and we will surely continue to deliver you with any news on this front.

Source: Honda Global YT

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